First time grower, excited to be doing this

After procrastinating for a long time I finally got started! I have one Hindu Kush and one Strawberry Cough going in a box. I tried to germinate them at the same time but I had trouble with my Strawberry cough seeds so the Hindu Kush is about a week older than the Strawberry Cough. Both are photosensitive but I think they should be okay in terms of light cycle, nutrients ect. sharing the same environment. Any advice is appreciated and I will work on improving the quality of the pictures.

Hindu Kush at one week.


Same picture of Hindu Kush at one week, edited

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Hindu Kush at two weeks

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Looking happy and healthy!

Strawberry Cough at one week. The progress this seedling has made in the last 12 hours is 𝑎𝑚𝑎𝑧𝑖𝑛𝑔. Last night when I went to bed the leaves were still down in the rockwool. When I woke up and checked on it the leaves are at least a half an inch above the rockwool. I’m thrilled at this progress!

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Hindu Kush on the left, Strawberry Cough on the right.


Strawberry Cough is growing taller and Hindu Kush has bigger leaves.

Strawberry Cough on the right was germinated 20 days ago and has been in the box for 18 days, shouldn’t it have more leaves by now?

There was something seriously wrong with the Strawberry Cough and It wasn’t growing anymore leaves, I’m pretty sure it’s dying so I took it out of the box. It had weird bumps on the stalk, I didn’t want to risk it passing some disease onto the other plant although I suspect the problem was genetic. I replaced the Strawberry Cough with an Amnesia Haze autoflower. I’m pretty sure I was mixing the nutrients too weak, that would explain why the Hindu Kush is still so small. Looks like one of the leaves died but overall it’s making progress.

Now we’re getting somewhere!

The Ladies have moved into a new home.

The top of the Amnesia Haze.

Amnesia Haze is well into flowering