First-time grower - endgame

Dear esteemed elders,

We have a lovely True OG clone that just started her 8th week of flower.

We love her dearly and don’t want to mess up the endgame. We got a nice loupe to examine her, but we’re still a little unsure of her readiness to be harvested. As with every other newbie here, would you mind having a look and weighing in?

She’s got about 70% brown pistils now, and we see a lot of amber trichomes along the edges of the sugar leaves, but I’ve read here that these can be deceiving, and that it’s best to monitor them on the actual bud. It’s also hard to see whether a lot of the trike heads are clear or cloudy, although they do seem to be getting cloudier overall, as you’d expect.

In any event, we’ve been flushing the last two watering/feeding days, expecting that her time is close at hand. It’s been about a week since she had any nutes. Our plan is also to keep her in the dark for her last two days in dirt, then harvest, dry & cure.


Thanks to all who respond!


Hard to tell from pics. but I say at least 2 weeks probably 3!


Thanks, Holmes. I tried to take the highest-resolution pics I could - they enlarge pretty nicely if that helps.

If we are two weeks away, should we continue our flush, or give her some nutes with her next watering?

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Yeah, one pic in a post and you can superzoom! I would go back to feeding, you want her to finish strong! Are you in soil?


Yup, FFOF. Been giving her FF Tiger Bloom, CalMag, the occasional shot of molasses. If I have to continue feeding her, I’ll also introduce a little FF Big Bloom, which I just picked up the other day. I’ve heard that it’s better to go light on some of the nutes, which makes sense since I know the Ocean Forest soil is already “hot.” Or have all the nutes already been taken up or washed away?


Agree with Holmes. Give her a feed of Tiger Bloom & molasses. Big bloom is pretty mild stuff. It just provides a minimum base. I would think the FF OF is spent by now. Good looking girl.


And then sit back and watch them fatten up :grin::v:

if you’re already in the 8th week of flower there’s absolutely no nutrients left in the ocean forest that was there when you bought it. It’s only going to have what you give it. The exact time of harvest has to do with your preference in my opinion when it comes to the last two to three weeks. If you harvest with more white tricombs it will be a more energizing effect and if you wait till there is more amber trichomes it will become more sleepy. the best balance for me is when there’s about 20% amber. another option if you have some buds that have matured quicker is to harvest them and leave the rest to finish. She’s looking good :grin::heart::pray:

I agree that more time is needed. I would also suggest that when you do a final flush that you do it with a TDS meter and monitor runoff: this is really the only way you will know if you are actually reducing salt levels in the media.

I recommend different TDS targets based on media used: in soil I would flush down below 300 ppm, in coco or Promix, under 200 and hydro under 100 ppm. And I can detect a difference.

I would also strongly suggest doing a peroxide bud wash.

Here’s one indoor plant done per the video:


Thanks, guys! Love the idea of the HydroPeroxide bath. I would imagine this would also be good for getting rid of the remaining few spider mites that have bedeviled us for the last month.

Don’t know if I’ll be getting a TDS meter anytime soon. Just got the digital pH meter after months of trying to match the right shade of yellow to the card.

We’ll wait another week before determining the harvest day. In the meantime, we’ll continue her feedings.

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I really dig the way you did the Net. More screws, tighter holes :+1:

Hello everyone!

We’re new growers from a plant left by a neighbor. How far away from harvest are we?