First time grower day 9

First time grow on day 9
Should I be concerned with the dark green color of two of my plants?
Water in proper ph
Good airflow
Watering once a day with light spray around plant but not on
I’m running a Mars sp 3000 one line above 50% at 21 inches height
The light has been very tricky to figure out, between the suggestion of height and intensity from Mars compared to what experienced growers are saying.
I’m just looking for reassurance and suggestions on my plants.


Nope. Keep doing what you’re doing. Your plants look nice.


Welcome to the community! Plants looking good, need to water soon. Water in a ring 4-6” on the outside to encourage root development. Happy growing! :seedling:


Perfectly normal and healthy looking. No stretching going on. They seem to be going as they should. Good luck!

Only comment would be next time, fill the bags just a little higher with soil. Use all the space you can for those roots!


Good advice! After repeated watering your soil will compact and shrink inside your pot. At least an inch of space will appear in your pot after a couple weeks. Wanna fill it to the top when you plant. Others, I’ve read, will fill in the top soil after it shrinks. If you are useing a hot soil like FFOF this can give some addtl nutes to your soil. I believe there is a point in the grow that doing this would be unadviseable, prolly into flowering would be too late. Don’t quote me on that though.


These will help with light questions.

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Thanks for your advice and reassurance😊

One last question When to you give up on a plant that is dramatically stunted… I think?
I have one plant that has been trying hard to get its second set of true leaves for days. It was planted at the same time and had the identical conditions.
Do I keep going with it or pull it to make more room in my tent?

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Unless you are absolutely out of room and HAVE TO move one, no. Leave it be. Looks very healthy. She’ll catch up.

PS, did you just water or is she starting to dry? If you just watered, you’ll want to water more of the soil. Leaving an inch or 2 (at this stage) dry around the base of the plant. The rest you can get nice and damp. She won’t need to be watered again for another day or 2 after that. Just my two cents :slight_smile:

Looking good though.


Lol you think that’s stunted you should see my 1week old plant yours look like monsters compared

Don’t give up on a green plant :slight_smile:


Covert and the others had you covert lol
Welcome to the community hope you get you help
They look healthy nice work

Thanks everyone, I’m in Va so I’m a little excited :rofl:

Here is a picture of the QUEEN of runts. This is Gary she is 6 months old and 8" tall.

She was the only clone of ten to live. She was repeatedly feline fim’d by the housecats. She sat under a desk lamp. She went into flower. She re-vegged. She was nearly voted out of the garden on several occasions.

Persevere like Gary!


Ahhhhggg it’s a mutant!


I love naming my plants. I try to use a theme. Last time it was colors. I got some wild colored Dixie cups. Here I got a pic…

Each of the plants is named after the color of their cup. (I.E. Midori is a Japanese word meaning GREEN, Sky didn’t make it so I replaced her with Azurine.)
It’s funny, if your a Rick and Morty fan you’ll get this. You had a slow plant, is he Sleepy Gary?

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LOL! All growers encounter a sleepy Gary in their lives.

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My Gary


Hey y’all, just a little update on day 27.

I had a deficiency which I tried to quickly correct with some cal mag due to Using reverse osmosis water… rookie mistake.
I started to lst a week ago, which I think they’ve responded well to.
Any suggestions?

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