First time grower, could use a little help!

Hey what’ ups everyone :smile: I’m new here, this is my grow, starting from the top, seedling 1, 2, 3… Currently growing in Mother Earth CoCo+Perlite, and I’m using the General Hydroponics FloraSeries nutrients, and following the schedule above that I found from another site. I have them on a 24hr light schedule using a Giixer 1000W LED Grow Light, Dual Switch & Dual Chips Full Spectrum LED Grow Light, 1000 watt ( 10W LEDs 100Pcs), which is roughly 18in from the seedlings. The temperature stays consistently between 72-80 with the humidity ranging from 62%-65%, with constant air flow. I’ve been watering them twice a day with a 3ml syringe that I use to give it nutrient water (5.5-6.5 PH) and a spray bottle I use every other watering to give in normal water. Seedling 1 I started Sept. 14th, Seedling 2, Sept, 17th, and Seedling 3 Sept. 18th…The 2 week mark is about to pass for all three plants and they seem a bit small…I could really use some help! Thanks!

seedling 1

seedling 2

seedling 3

They look pretty good, and they take awhile to establish roots, then finally take off. If you put a some over them, it may help a little.
Of course welcome!


Growing in coco you’ll need a decent ph and tds meter.
If you’re using drops or strips they’re not accurate enough for that.


cool, zip lock bags should be good enough for that correct?

@Willer What is in the coco/perlite? Ph should be 5.8-6.2 in coco! Is coco already buffered( did you ph and tds it, and some needs to be be preloaded with cal. before use). If that is a real 1000w at wall, I would think 18" would be too close for seedlings!

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Yes it would.

I’m using MotherEarth premixed coco+perlite, already buffered around at a neutral ph of 6.8-7, and I’ve been checking ph of the nutrients every watering, the nutrients are from the “FloraSeries” brand +CalMag, and I kept hearing 18" was enough lol, but now that you say its way too close, I’ll raise it! So is that what has caused the yellowish/brown edges?? or is that nutrients burn??

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Could be either or neither! I grow in coco also and I keep my ph right around 6.0 since it is more like a hydro grow than a soil grow( what is recommended by most ) ! If you put your hand at plant level and the heat is too much then raise it up in most cases. However with LED it is the intensity of said light that will do the damage and temp at canopy will be fine. I started with Vipar Spectra 600(only 267 watts at wall) and they recommended starting at 36 inches? Could also be the ph!


l start all my clones under Kind LED light bars (80 watts at wall) and use domes. The solo cup and ziploc bags work well. Just try hard not to over water. It’s the primary rookie mistake during then begining stages.