First time grower, concerned something is wrong



So you’re off to a good start. Let’s address the issues you have.

First, 30C is fine. That’s close to as high as you would like if possible but you could even go 2C higher if you have to.

Assuming soil you need NO nutrients for the first 4 weeks of active plant growth (veg). After that you need to evaluate the plant to see if she needs anything. If you are in a media like coco then yes you should be feeding but I would be down around 600 ppm at this point. If you are in a media your PH will be 5.5 to 5.8. You are perfect for soil.

How are you measuring and adjusting PH? What is the TDS of your water? What soil are you using?

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Your plants look great. I agree that they don’t need feeding yet. They don’t look overwatered, but they don’t look like they need water either, I would wait another day to water. Deformed leaves happen all the time, it’s just genetic, she’ll grow out of it. Relax, you’re doing a great job.


We were all hovering mothers once. It’s normal haha!

Your plants are doing fine and I would keep on doing what you’re doing. Root juice is fine. The high TDS of your water will limit the total amount of nutes you will be able to add but you can work with it. Adjusting PH with vinegar (acetic acid) or citrus (citric acid) is fine but the chemical used in PH down contains an acid that plants like: phosphoric acid.

25 to 30 Celsius (75 to 85 F) is your sweet spot. If you diverge from that by a couple of degrees it won’t matter to the plant.

Generally good quality soil will provide everything your plants need up and into flower. I don’t use ANY nutrients in soil until flower nutes are called for. You will be able to see and adjust for any deficiencies before they are a real problem usually.

Generally you want high humidity for seedlings (80 to 90%), for veg 60 to 80% and for flower just as low as possible to avoid mold. That said; most plants will tolerate lower humidity in veg than that. Mine ran around 35% for this grow and you wouldn’t know it.

LED’s should be 20" or so from your girls. As they gain a bit of height you can start bringing them down.

Watering should be very sparing until the plants are big enough to water to runoff and not have them soggy for days. I’m in 7 gallon now and have to water every 3 days for example.

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Don’t hesitate to ask questions! There are a bunch of great folks here.


It’s called ‘Hoverover’ disease, and trust me we all do it oldies and nuubs, you will fit it well and welcome. No such thing as a stupid question, if ya don’t know ask:)


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hi there, i would recommend keeping your temps closer to 25 degrees . 30 degrees is only ok when you are using supplemental co2 and have absolute light saturation.Seedlings can tolerate some nutrients but dont over do it. Something around 700 to 800 ppm is about the max you want to feed.once you get your ph spot on everything will improve.


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Thanks for the welcome, i am glad i found this forum :slight_smile:

@mountainman1 Yea thats what i researched, between 22-28 Celsius in Veg, so my sweet spot would be around 25 C. My tap water has around 600 EC, should i bring it to like 300 with destilled and then add nutrients untill 700-800?

@highcountrygal more like a “better see stuff before its too late” :smiley:

Well, gonna post some pictures every few weeks, so i can doublecheck if the girls are alright.
Thanks for all the help mates :slight_smile:

@Myfriendis410 @raustin @highcountrygal @mountainman1

Got another question: Do i hold the humidity on a steady 45% or can i raise it from time to time. Humidity usually goes down as soon as i use the Air filter and its pretty needed at the moment, cause its pretty hot here. Basically is it good to raise it for some hours of the day, or is it less stressfull for them to just keep em at 45% and dont try raise humidity?



A young plant or seedling needs fairly high humidity, but it doesn’t need to remain constant. 45% is on the low end, but I’ve found that the lower humidity doesn’t effect them all that much, they’ll be fine. Heat can be bad, so don’t try to raise the RH if it means high heat.


You can bump the RH at the plants by doming them for part of their day too. That’s easy and you can bump the airflow up as high as you want. Once they get hardened to the lights you won’t have any real worries with that humidity. I’d rather be low than high! (Except when smoking cannabis lol).


@Lemon I am a total outside grower so indoor stuff baffles me!


you can bump up the humidity a little, around 60% would be fine for young plants.Just remember that the higher the humidity the the more the pores in your carbon filter block up reducing its efficiency quite a substantial amount.


You should measure the temperature at the canopy top. In your case, at the pots.


Yes, you’re doing it right.

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Increased air flow can lower the temp inside a tent many times. If you have high temps outside the tent, it makes it harder to keep it cooler inside. I have never had to use an air conditioner to keep my plants in range but several days it got hotter than I would have liked. Most cannabis plants are pretty hardy and can take higher heat for short times.

Good luck on your grow.

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Is it possible for you to draw some cooler air from a shaded point or somewhere under the house ? Using some duct and a small intake fan to draw cooler air from somewhere else in the house that is either in shade or cooler in general could be enough to lower the temps by a few degrees at least.

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Well, sadly not. I just got one big window. Top right is outgoing air, bottom left is incoming air. And im living in under the roof :smiley:
Got the Temp stabalized around 26 Celsius, i guess i need to invest into an AC when it gets hotter again :frowning:

I don’t see any yellow spots, nor do I see any strange leaves. One plant does look a little droopy, I think she could use a some water.