First Time Grower. Brown leaves beginning of flowering

First time grower here, have learned some great info from this forum. I have two white widows going, seeds bought from ILGM. They are a few weeks into flowering, one looks healthy but the other is getting brown on the inside of the leaves. Any info or troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.

White Widow
Location: western Kentucky
Medium: Happy Frog Ocean
Nutes: Dynagrow Bloom

Im guessing that maybe it was a drop of nutrient water on the young leaves a few days ago.
Its not in a place that make me think of typical nutrient burn,on leaf tips all over
Nor is it presenting on other places of new growth. Something did that to the specific spot.
Either a chemical burn on the stem, pest damage, water droplet in full daylight …???


@Spiney_norman is this a pillar on the leaf. Ive never seen one before so idk but looks suspect. @Covertgrower

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Definitely looks like pest related, being outside it’s always recommended to check throughout for pests. The nasty little buggers are good at hiding.


Could be. Hard to tell from the photo.
As covert said, they have great camo…

I did have a friend water this weekend while I was out of town, so I’m not 100% if she watered the leaves or the soil. Think that could be it? Should I spray neem oil or something in case it’s pests?

That’s an old topping spot

I don’t see any, but like you said I know their really good at camo. Neem oil spray or is there something else you recommend. It’s very consistent over 80% of the flower locations.

If it was me I would hold off and watch it daily.
Pest damage is not this organized. Its the same specific spot on each leaf on the shoot.
From about the middle to the base. Bugs eat randomly.

Problems like nutrient burn effect every shoot not just random ones.
I really think whoever watered got something on a few young shoots and it damaged the centers of them.

One shoot burned and one fine on an otherwise great looking plant

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Is that something or just a helping spider


I would recom Captain Jacks Dead Bug, as it’s safe in flowering.

If it is spotted nutrient burn should I keep on my same feeding schedule as normal or do I need to just do water for a few days?

Stay the same.
If it is burn it was because it sat on the leaves, not from the roots. The plant overall looks fine.
If its is pest then as Covert said, Jacks Dead Bug.


Starting to look a little different today. Both plants showing some discoloration on the bottom leaves. The top canopy looks very healthy from what I can tell, but the lower leaves look fairly rough. I’ve been pruning as I go, but wondering if I should just prune everything off on the bottom half?

Looks like what mine did from a spider mite infestation they are hard to visually spot with the naked eye at first until they fully infest then they are everywhere. Unless you catch a fully matured adult and think you’ve caught it before they laid eggs and come to find out your stupid ass should have treated your plants then and there lol. Use Trifecta or the one they suggested personally I like Trifecta and live in Ohio so I’d assume you can get it mailed as well

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I found these little guys this morning, so maybe it is pest related!

Anybody have an idea what this deficiency looks like? I’m about 4 weeks into flower now. It’s mainly just on the lower leaves.

That’s definitely a spider mite hopefully you’ve been treating it for about a week now. You caught it way earlier than me and will likely control it easily without it killing your yield unlike me.

I hit it with some Captain Jacks and some Castille soap. Hopefully that will take care of them!

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