First time grower. BB, GSCE, and GG autos

Ok what I’ll do is water tonight then since it will be 3 days since I watered them last (I gave them 1 liter each) then tomorrow when my dead jack gets here I’ll spray all my leaves and put DE on the tops of all the pots. I just had to raise my lights 4 inches as that’s how much they have grown since last watering.


Hey so when I apply the neem oil, I have to do it at lights out so the leaves don’t get burned from the water being on them? I’ll have my dead Jack’s tomorrow, I have DE, I have sticky traps, pressure sprayer, and running to get neem oil right now (45 minute drive to closest shop) is there anything else I’ll need while I’m there?

I’d just wait on the Jacks honestly, and I spray anytime I need to, just turn the light intensity down if you’re concerned about burning. I personally don’t use neem on my cannabis. I do use it on my apple/pear trees, blueberries and garden plants, but I can wash those fruits. Neem tastes as nasty as it smells, and does work well. I suppose as long as they are young and in veg, I’d consider using it, but once I see a flower…done. You can get Neem at HomeDepot/menards/Ace etc. Sounds like you have a good Pest arsenal right there, might pick up some mosquito bits / dunks - I mix this in the top of my medium for Fungus gnat larvae - the DE is for adults.

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Ok thanks again for all the info. My plants are only 16 days old. I wanted to get neem today to apply today because the pest thing is freaking me out lol 2 more fan leaves on the same plant are starting to show symptoms which is my Bruce Banner #1 and my Bruce Banner #2 just started showing the same symptoms on 2 fan leaves. I only have 2 BB’s in there along with 5 GSCE and 5 GG. Only the BB’s are showing these signs.

When you spray, make sure you get the undersides of the leaves too…not sure if that was ever stated.

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I just finished watching a bunch of YouTube videos on it and saw the bottoms and tops of all leaves need it. Looks like I will have my hands full for a little while today.

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That little pump sprayer helps it go quick. Good Luck.

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Thanks, I greatly appreciate all your help and input

Well I didn’t get neem oil lol they were all out of the smaller bottles and I wasn’t about to spend $175 on a gallon of it. I will just wait for the dead jack to get here tomorrow. I did pick up a 40x LED loop though so I am going to inspect here in a little bit.

Do the spots move when you touch them?

It’s easy to tell if it’s alive.
Just poke it and if it doesn’t run away, it’s just a speck.

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I’ve poked every spot I’ve seen and none of them have moved. So I’m really puzzled as what is causing my leaves to look like that if its not pests.

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Then don’t waste your time with the neem oil.
Neem oil is a good tool to have in your box, but try not to get freaked out by pests… I see no signs of mites so I think your good if nothing is moving…

And pro tip, not all things moving in the soil are bad… some bugs are good like Woodlice are beneficial bugs…

Spider mites are easy to see most of the time and you will know them when you see them. They look like baby little spiders and do make webs.

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Thanks for the insight and making me feel better about my situation. Now I need to figure out what’s causing this problem .

It could just be humidity causing moisture and slightly light damaging them… its not that big of deal if so.

What is the humidity and do you have good air flow ?

Also is it only only bottom leafs?

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Temps ate 77-79f and RH is 67-69%. They are 16 days old today. It’s on the second set of true leaves and now showing up on the 3rd set. And it just started happening on my second Bruce Banner. All my other strains aren’t showing it.

This is only picture I can find of one of mine with this kinda damage but I have others that look like this on the bottom leafs…

I’m not 100% sure but if it’s just the bottom leafs and they seem happy and nothing is moving on them, I’d try to ignore them if they bothered me :grin:

But just take a breath and relax :relieved: they look good so you’re doing something right :sunglasses:

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Those temperature and RH are good. If you ssid the RH was 40% or less then I would have 2nd guess my assumption…

But at this stage running a higher humidity, it’s a sign your humidity is staying good and your light us working good :rofl:
You could maybe improve air flow if that’s possible you don’t want them whipping around but a good little shake as a oscillating fan could maybe help. To much wind can cause a similar effect though from wind burn…

But I believe they are ok…

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Ok thanks for all the insight. I do have a 40inch tower fan in the back of the tent on a 180 degree oscillation and 4x6inch fans for air flow with 2 just below light height and 2 under canopy. Also have an Infinty 8inch inline with the updated controller

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You probably got good air flow then :rofl:

Is the GG #5 showing it all over? I can’t tell very well but it seems different then the rest in the picture.

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From day one the GG#5 and GSCE #1 AND GSCE#3 have had weird colored leaves from the very first set that came out, but they never got this rust color look like the BB do. Here I’ll take some close ups of the other ones and a close up of the BB

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