First time grower. BB, GSCE, and GG autos

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Just got home from work and all the girls are bursting with new under growth, but I noticed something going on with my shining star BB#1. I would appreciate any insight. It’s only on 2 leaves and they are both the second set of true leaves. This is the only plant like this.

Keep an eye out for Spider mites, I think I see some black and white specks on the bottoms of those leaves. If you have a scope, look close they are tiny. Telltale is leaves look like someone shook salt on em…and that you have!

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I don’t have a scope, what magnification will I need I can run and grab something local hopefully

Your phone, if you have a good one! Zoom in as much as possible.

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I zoomed in with my s21 ultra and it didn’t look like a bug, but was also hard to see

This is as close as I could get

That has a 100X zoom, it can do it. If you don’t see em, could just be a weird young plant anomaly, but keep a close eye.

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Does that look like spider mites? I just posted a pic above your last comment

I’d not say 100% based on that… but topside sure does. I d see some suspicious egg sack looking things tho.
Wait on some others to chime in, but like I said could just be a young plant anomaly weirdness too.

If you dont have it in your arsenal, I recommend Capt Jacks Dead Bug Concentrate and a small 1/2 gal pump sprayer or some SNS 217c


Yeah I also thought those looked like egg sacs

@Lacewing I’ve seen people call on you for pest help. Could you please help me and tell me if I have pest one the above pics

I don’t have it in my arsenal, but I can get it. I do have a 1.3 gal pump sprayer though

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SMites are referred to as the BORG… pump sprayers are needed and the wash rinse repeat method… your girls are small so it shouldn’t be bad. But here’s the catch… where did you pick them up? on you, your clothes, house plants, a pet, outside… etc etc… they are as small as the point on a pin sometimes, and the *lantsuckers spread like a Cali wildfire.

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I don’t have other house plants, but I do have a dog. My grow is in the basement, but he’s never been in the basement. I just order the dead jack and I’ll have it Sunday.

Sure I’m looking …trying to see what that could be
If you can get any clearer pics it would help …

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Ok I till try my best to get a better pic. My damn shaky hand when zoomed in

There is also pictures of the tops sides of the leaves if you scroll up farther past those ones.

That phone has a laser focus…pick a spot and it adjusts

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