First time grower. BB, GSCE, and GG autos

No point in LSTing until your new main stalks come in then you can pull them each to the edges

Good glad to hear he is doing good. Well it looks like all of them got topped then lol opps. In gonna send a picture overload here in a minute when I post myself a progress report for my future references.

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Ok thanks that’s what I was guessing. I untied that one. It was so hard to bend over. The stalk was so stiff at the bottom that all it wanted to do was uproot the plant. Felt like the whole plant wanted to come out of the dirt.

Progess update Day 14. Today I topped all 12 girls. I tried to FIM, but I think I took too much off. I also watered them all another 1 liter each of RO/tap (4 days since last water) with a ph of 6.4 and 160ppm. I also added Recharge at 1/2 tsp per gallon of water.
Going to add a picture overload here of Topping for future references. Thanks again for everyone who had helped me along the way and given their input.

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Here’s the last 3, it wouldn’t let me add them all.

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Here is a family photo.



I think I messed up the fiming and took too much off and ended up Topping lol. Out of likes atm


You will see in a few days. Don’t feel bad I top some trying 2 fim and still came out awesome

For sure, I’ll chalk it up to a learning experience lol atleast I did them all the same exact way haha

That’s the best way 2 learn.

I love family portrait day!

Bet ya $20 that you FIM’ed perfectly and you end up with 3-4 beautiful growths out of that.

I’ll even tag in @VOL4LIFE for back up on this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol thanks dude. Hopefully they all bounce back quickly. Still out of likes.

They will grow good, it’s no sweat.

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So by the looks of things you said I topped them and didn’t fim?

Correct yes, took to much for a FIM. Did see my fim post?

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Ok no worries. Should all turn out OK in the end :slight_smile:

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@Nicky I’m looking to start some photos in my veg tent to move over in the flower tent when the autos are finished. When should I think about germinating my photo seeds to get the timing on the transition somewhat close or on point?

Would depend in the auto genetics/strain. They will be finished or finishing up at the 3 month from seed above ground mark generally.

How early you start the photos would depend on how big you want them to grow.
Generally a 4 week veg is good 5 at the max. No real need for more then that.