First time grower. BB, GSCE, and GG autos

Well today is the start of my first grow ever. I just started the germination process today. I’ll list what I’m working with so it’s here for future references. I have plans to log my entire process here daily for my own learning and knowledge and in hopes others will gain some stuff from it as well.

All seeds from ILGM
Bruce Banner Auto
Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Auto
Gorilla Glue Auto

8x4 grow tent
3xs Mars hydro FC-E3000
8inch AC Infinity T8
4x6inch fans
360 degree oscillating fan
PH&TDS meters
RO water system
HF, OF, Worm castings, perlite (mixed&layering)
Fox Farm Trio

I started germination with 5 of each seed in 2 cups of water and 2 tsp of peroxide. I only plan to keep 8 to 10 of them. Any extra survivors will be gifted to a friend who currently has a set up.

I also have 30 photo seeds (chemdawg, LSD, and green crack) that I will be starting in my 4X4 that will transition into my 8x4 when the autos are done.

Feel free to offer any advice or criticism as I would greatly appreciate it.


@Nicky @Graysin @GreenSnek @Mr_Wormwood just wanted to tag some people who were helping me out. Feel free to tag anyone else.


Along for the ride, without a doubt. Very excited about the level of prep.


I definitely have done quite a bit of research and wanted to do this as right as I could from the start. I did as best as I could with the funds I had available. I would of liked better lights, but for now this will have to do. I know things will go wrong, I’ll make mistakes, and could fail, but as long as I learn from what happens things will eventually go right. I definitely won’t give up because of failures. I’m determined to ride this out for a long time. I learn/pick up on things quickly. Just like with brewing beer. I home brewed for a while and got obsessed with it and now for the past 3 years I’ve been a head brewer for my career. I’m addicted already and I haven’t even broke soil yet lmao!!



We won’t let that happen. Check out @ThermoNukePanda ’s very first grow thread. If there’s ever a shining example of not giving up it’s in that journal.

Way before you even think they will. My very first plants are happily sitting in flower right now. My journal is about 350 posts of me being a nervous wreck and 50 posts of people telling me to chill out. :rofl:

Just you wait. I think I have a cloning problem. :joy: and a seed buying problem. Not as bad as @Tylersays but close.


I really want to go along for this ride! :blush:


This is such an awesome community. I’ve done quite alot of reading here and it’s amazing the help that people provide here. I’ll def have to check out pandas thread. I’m sure my first freak out post is coming in less than a week haha!! Thanks for being here!!

The more the merrier :slight_smile: :grinning:

Nice selection! That GSCE is gonna knock your socks off!!! I’m rolling one from my first harvest right now! Good luck and happy growing!!!

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Screwed up and severely underwater my 1st girls, didn’t kill them , in fact it let their root systems get extra robust so when I did start watering them they sprang back super hard and developed beautifully, so if things start looking bad they can recover.

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I’ve read some great stuff about GSCE! Let’s just hope I get to that point :slight_smile: one day at a time lol

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It’s crazy how many things are running through my brain right now and my seeds are still in water/peroxide cups haha. Thanks for the info on that as well!

Patience is your friend, and so is everybody on this forum! Set to following if ya don’t mind

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Yeah the people around here will do everything they can to make sure you succeed

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Yes, patience is something I need to become friends with lol I was amazed at the amount of help that people offer her. What an incredible community. Absolutely don’t mind if you follow!


I’ve definitely noticed that. I’ve been creeping on 100s of threads lol. Mostly trying to see the fails and solutions.

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I think I already tagged you into my dumpster fire :rofl:

If I didn’t already refer you to @Jaydawg6528 and @nodurxshn they’ve also got good journals to look at - not soil growers (pretty sure they’re in coco and hydro, respectively) but generally really smart dudes when it comes to growing


I read through yours, not a dumpster fire lol!!

I’ll pop over and check theirs out. I’m debating on doing Coco for my photos when I start them, but if this goes successful I may wait to do Coco once I get some clones going off the photos.

Ahh I remember how obsessed I was with learning everything my 1st grow but after 2-3 grows it all became second nature. It’s not rocket science you’re just growing a very temperamental plant.


I’m sure it also becomes much clearer once I can put things in action lol