First time grower. Autoflowers Week 6 from sprout

If you can see the pics what do you think? Any advice is welcome.
I plan on doing some defoliating today.
I have no idea what the strain is. I got the seeds from a friend.


Welcome to the community @DoorMatt! Gorgeous plants you got there! Wouldn’t take more than a few of those big fan leaves. Everything looks great! Good luck and happy growing!!!

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No glaring mistakes - everything looks good. As Ryan said, just remove a handful of fans to maximize airflow, don’t go overboard. She needs the leafy greens to make energy. :v::100:

Welcome aboard.

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So as im new to this i didnt realize how drastically different the water schedule would be as they transition to flower. I checked my tent yesterday and almost had a heart attack. All of them are supper droopy. I watered till runoff on all. How long till they bounce back? Did i ruin my plants?