First time grower Aquaponics setup need help

Hey guys so this is my first grow and I’m using a aquaponics set up with a 25 gallon pond, 3 fish and a 300watt led. My question is basically the seedling, It’s over a week old and there not doing too good so I put them in the tent to see if the led would regenerate them. I’m a organic farmer and also a vegan and will not use any chemicals so whatever help you guys offer I will much appreciate. Thanks

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Looks like the water level isn’t high enough those stones should be wet

Top layer remains dry while bottom of roots receive water. I just put them in they have been sitting under the sun

I can’t help much since I’m on my first grow myself but it will be interesting to see how it work out for ya. I know I have wanted to try aquapoincs for our normal garden. Best of luck Im sure there are a few guys around here that can help out with advice.

this is correct when using dwc or hydro you don’t want your trunk getting wet and the starter puck will hold too much moisture if submerged you want tap roots to grow down and search for water and nutrients. A wet starter puck leads to root stem rot and or damping off the stones will wick up some moisture even if surface is dry