First Time Grower, Any advice?

First time growing indoors, any advice ?

Is there a schedule :date: for the plans meaning an explanation on when to water, add fertilizer, or plan food. Also cutting small branches, leaves etc etc ?

I will update my progress.


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Read some random threads here like I did. Amazing what you will learn.


We all started with our first grow!


You need to decide on the soil you are using. That will determine how often you water & when you need nutrients.

Conversely, decide how often you want to water and add nutrients and that will determine what soil you need.

Hi i see ur using peat pods thats not a bad idea but the white stuff around the pod that keeps it all together can and will become a problem later on .but anyway have you decided on what meduim ur goin to run with ,Now if u are going to go with fox farm ocean Forest you want to mix 50/50 mix of fox farm happy frog ,thats a 50/50 mix of ocean Forest and happy frog cause ocean Forest is to hot to use by its self it will burn a seedling ,hp promix is a good soil to go with you can mix four cups of worm castings and bat guano in it to give plenty of nutrients for a few weeks to a month and then u have to have a look at what nutrients your goin to use whether you are going to use bottled nutrients or organic nutrients like jacks 321 or Gai green and u want a good ph pen aswell

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Buy nice or buy twice. A lot of new growers just buy because they are excited to get started I myself was one of them. Make sure you get good tech for your setup and not cheap ones because you’ll definitely get your money’s worth in the end not buying 2 or 3 different things when 1 thing can do that and more


welcome to the community