First time grower any advice appreciated

She’s a little over a month old. Been watering every three days. About 2 cups per water. Light is about 20” above top. Rh stable at 50% temp 28* C. First feeding today I’m using fox farms nutes using the schedule below starting with week one. First time feeding her so I’m going a little less than half strength to see how she reacts. Hopefully topping next week if she looks strong.

I’m only doing FF trio and cal mag btw.

She’s looking much better. I figured out she was thirsty. I was being paranoid about overwatering. I’ve upped her water to about a half gallon every third day. Her runnoff ppm was 1056. Will probably feed her next watering. The issue I’m having is with her runoff ph. Her runoff ph was at 3.5 not sure why it’s dropping. Should I add lime next watering? Don’t want to have lockout happen.

Day 46 from sprout.

Topped las night. Will be feeding 1/4 strength today. Temp is at about 27*C RH 50%. Im also going to add a layer of topsoil today as well. Not sure if I left too much stem from the top.

Runoff ph was 5.6, ppm 1450. Did a slurry test earlier. Ph was 5.6 with distilled water.

Day 51 from sprout. Seems like she’s responding well to getting topped. The two new tops are coming in strong. We’re getting close to the screen. Got a little bit of tip burn. I gave her only ph water two days ago. Runoff was 1000 ppm. Will go 1:4 strength tomorrow for feeding. Runoff ph is steady at 5.6. She’s a little small I think she got a little stunted early on while I was getting the hang of watering a little plant in a big pot. She seems to be getting stronger. I think I’ll veg her for at least two more weeks.

We’re at day 57 from sprout. We’re officially using the screen to train the tops. The plant has been growing quickly. New growth seems healthy

. I watered her yesterday. Been watering around 3/4 gallon every third day. Feeding her every other water. Runoff was ph 5.6, 990ppm. I’ve been watering at ph 6.4-6.5 but I’m considering bumping it up a bit to raise the soil ph.

Day 60. She was a late bloomer but seems to be coming along well at this point. Screen training is underway. She’s adding a lot of bulk. I watered her today. She’s up to 1/2 strength for nutes. But she definitely is getting hungrier and thirstier. Probably going to give her another week or so on veg before switching her over. Runoff was at 5.6 ph 1100 ppm. She’s drinking about a gallon per feeding now. I will be flushing her before flower hopefully brings the ph back up a little. Overall she seems happy I don’t want to change too much.

Day 63. We’re filling up the screen. She’s growing fast. Still probably a week from flip. I’ll give her just water today. And then next feeding I’ll do a sledgehammer flush before flipping.

Gave her a gallon of water ph 6.8 to try to bring up the soil a little bit. Runoff was ph 5.9 so hopefully she responds well I want to get her to 6.3-6.5 after flushing. Runoff ppm was 1100 so I think I’ve got the sweet spot with her nutes. Overall she looks good, excited to start growing some buds. @Storm @Spiney_norman @LateNightGardner @MidwestGuy and anyone else who’s checked out this rookies first grow. I appreciate every bit of advice I’ve gotten from this community.

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You can trim off all those lower fan leaves. Also, Fox farm ocean has plenty of nutes. I don’t feed mine much.

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My gut was telling me that thanks for the confirmation haha. I took off 5 leaves didn’t want to do to much at once

Day 70. We are three days after flip. She got a little yellow from the flush. I flushed on a feeding day so she got a little hungry. Gave her full strength feeding day of flip. Her runoff ppm was 1365. I lowered the light to 16” above canopy.

Day 73 about a week from flip she is looking lush. I’m going with a half strength feeding today. I’ll be giving her a little haircut today to keep airflow going. Overall just trying to keep her fed and happy. I added a small dehumidifier and another fan to try and keep the humidity down a little bit.

I’m still scared to trim her too much so I’m only taking a little at a time. But she seems to be shaping up nicely.

@beardless ive looked at some of your work and it’s super impressive, was hoping you could chime in with some Scrog knowledge.

First question is how long do you continue tucking branches during flower. I’m a week in now just got her first hairs, and I’ve still been tucking branches every day not sure when to let her start her upward grow.

Next question is should I hang a trellis above the Scrog and if so how far would you recommend.

Also how aggressive are you with defoliation? Thanks again for any feedback.