First time grower and poster: Spots on leaves,!

The leaves on my plant have spots. Could it be calcium ? My ph is under 5: how do I ph up?

You can use ph up which you probably don’t have since you asked, I believe a household remedy you can use is lemon juice. I think that will raise ph and vinegar will lower ph.

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Could you use apple cider vinegar? Just curious as I have to buy some ph down and thought wouldn’t acv work pls it’s organic?

that works as a ph down

Do I mix the lemon juice with water? If so, what’re the ratios?

Have to check the ph as you add only used it once while I was waiting on ph chemicals to arrive. @dbrn32 might know

I think anything acid or basic will successfully adjust the ph. Just a matter of how much you need. What I’m not as sure of is potential side effects of using any of the typical household stuff.

My local shop sells quarts of each for about $12. I figured I would have to run out and buy whatever I was gonna try to use anyway, so I may as well just buy the proper adjuster. I typically only need a few drops per gallon, so lasts a long time.

Thank you!!:hugs:

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