First time grower and need help with yellowing leaves

I am a first-time grower. My plants are just a little over a month old. A few days ago, I started to notice some yellowing and brown spots on the lower leaves that has started to move to the top of the plant at the very tips of the new growth leaves. I did transplant the plants into a larger container 4 days ago.

Sour Diesel

Soil is Happy Frog potting soil. Soil PH shows 5-5.5

Using distilled water PH 7

Lighting is Vander 2000 watt led 24 inches above the top of the plants.

3X3 grow tent

Temp 76 degrees

Humidity 64 percent

With a Vivohome 188 cfm exhaust fan and carbon filter

Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.



You need to flush with 3 to 4 gallons of water phed to 6.2-6.5.


I’m guessing K deficient possibly from a 5.5 pH imbalance, you’re well into the acid range where it tends to burn up.


That’s what I was thinking flush it out and see what you got.


Just wondering are you calculating your pH to be where it is because of the liquid your giving it or do you have pH meter you want to do the pH of the intake and your runoff I would do what everybody’s saying and flush them out good.

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My SD is the most temperamental of my plants!

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I found these videos about ph and diagnosing & treating hemp imbalances very informative. Why Is Soil pH So Important To Plant Health? - YouTube Diagnosing & Treating Hemp Nutrient Imbalances - YouTube

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Thanks for all the info. Looks
Like I’ll start with a good flushing.