First time grower, Amnesia Haze

Hey everyone,
I am a first time grower and wanted to do a journal as it will hopefully help me document the process. I am starting with Happy Frog, had to rehydrate it extensively with Distilled water as it was bone dry when purchased and didn’t have Sledgehammer yet(suggested by Fox Farm themselves). I placed 2 Amnesia Haze seeds into a glass of water for the last 48 hours and only one cracked its shell, so I went ahead and placed them into 2 solo cups to hopefully let them break soil. I will be using Fox Farm nutrient solutions at a 1/4-1/2 feed rate, unless convinced otherwise by either plants or you fine people.
My equipment is as follows; AC Infinity 462, AC Infinity 4" fan, SF2000 grow light, 7gal fabric pots for a bit extra room for roots. Grow style will be ScrOG as this tent is only 5’ tall.
This is day 1 in soil. No pictures as there is nothing to look at yet.
If you have any questions I will attempt to answer them as best I can.

Thank you for reading this, and also for your help along the way!


Typically soak seeds 18 to 24 hours. Then take a ziplock bag with either damp toilet paper or paper towels. Make sure its damp and seal it up.

Wait 48 hours before transferring them. If after 24 hours it has a long tap root, then transfer them.

I then put a clear dome over them. Generally spray the inside twice a day. So they don’t dry out.

Then when the leaves touch the sides, remove domes. The plant gets the water through the leaves so if you can get the RH above 80% to well past 90%, you should have a good start.

After roots have been established they will draw the water through the roots.

I only use Fox Farms entire line of nutrients and I mean them all.

Dirty Dozen, 3 liquid, 3 powder, Kelp Me, Kelp You and Wholly Mackerel.


Should I uncover them and do the ziplock bag/damp towel, or just let it ride? The seeds are under a clean cup right now, that should work. I bought everything on that schedule besides 3 of them; wholly, flowers kiss, and boomerang , I didn’t know they had an all in one kit until it was to late. As of this moment my tent is registering only 47% humidity as I don’t have a humidifier, I am guessing I should be picking one up asap?? Do you have suggestions for one, I did a quick search and found some that you can set and forget.
I saw you are a vet, as am I. I spent 8 years in the Air Force. Glad to see I am not the only vet growing!


My best success has been 24 hours and then straight to damp soil.

I do a spritz of 3% peroxide in a small dish (2-4oz) with water. Wait 18-24 hours. Straight to soil.

92% germ rate without added heat.

If you want to take an extra step take fine grit sand paper and do a couple passes on the “edge” of the seed, before adding to the peroxide/water solution. Then set on a heat mat, cable box, top of fridge, etc. :v:t3::sunglasses::dash::dash:

check after 12 hours… tap the seed and if it sinks, the water has made its way inside- plant, check every 4-6 hours if you can.


I saw that people used H2O2 with water for germination… I was debating trying that out, I might try that if these don’t break ground in the new few days.

hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria - probably not much since it diluted quite a bit. But it does oxygenate the water.

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If you soak seeds to long turn to mush and useless. I have one seed that didn’t germinate and it was the only seed I had for this strain. Purple Afghan Kush. I placed in soil but I am sure it won’t sprout.

I never worry about humidity. Never had bud rot, mold nor insect problems.

This is a ghetto way but if you wet a damp shirt and put on a hanger in your grow tent, it will help raise the RH%.

But you can set a humidifier and many growers here use one. Where I live I don’t need one so no clue which one to use.

My previous post is exactly how I germinate. I hate transplanting so they go into their forever homes.

I tried the Hydrogen Peroxide trick and had no luck. So I don’t do that anymore.

And there is plenty of Veterans here. :+1::+1::+1:


I will be trying out that idea for raising the RH% with this grow and if it needs a humidifier I will go that route for the next grow!

I still have 8 other seeds from ILGM that I can attempt this with, so that is something at least.

Hopefully I will see some popping up in a few days.

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Its all trial and error till you dial in your technique that works for you. I am known for growing Super Monsters indoors. Here is my Avatar in all its glory.

I can reach over 7 feet with my gorilla arms. I had to cut her top off as I couldn’t get her out of my 4x4x80” tent. My bottom hand is where I basically cut her in half. :+1::+1::+1:


Well… I definitely don’t think I’ll be able to grow something that large in my 5’ tent, if I expand the operation to another tent… That will be my goal.


This plant was over 2 feet out of the tent. But growing super monsters indoors offers a whole different growing technique.

Never say never.

Here her at about halfway done.

You can tell she was a big girl. 4x4 tent.


Wow. Wow.

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Okay… Now I need a bigger tent.

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I am thinking of adding a 2nd tent. One dedicated to Photos and the other for Autos.

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I was looking at autos, but they don’t seem cost effective to me at all. You get to grow more often so you can get used to multiple grows per year, but the yield is a fraction of photos.

Alright! One of them had finally poked her little head out of the soil! The second one night be a no show, so I started another one using the method that @Hellraiser has shared. Hopefully I can get a second one to start so that I don’t have to try and fill my tent with just a single plant.

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Alright update time!

First seed is growing legs it seems

It seems like it’s stretching to me from what I have seen of other grows. I’ll be turning the power up from 40% to 50% on the dimmer dial.

The other two seeds as of yet are still no shows. Should I try again or try and fill up my tent with a single plant? I’m not exactly leaning towards either option as I would appreciate people with more experience to chime in.

Thanks for taking time to check out my grow log!

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@MrPeat @Low @Hellraiser

Could I bother you fine gentlemen for input?

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What are the dimensions of the tent? You could run a single plant if you wanted it would just take longer in veg.

The tent is 4’*2’. At this point, what would be the veg time? 12weeks? Would it be a problem to have plants with a week difference on growth in the same tent? Sorry for all the questions