First time grower - advise me?

1st timer here… I have 3 WW autos that I planted 62 days ago and After some trials and error, I’m not sure if anyone has any advice or input going forward

  • Grown in soil - initially I used miracle grow potting soil. After some nutrient burn, I transplanted them at 3 weeks into happy frog in 5 gallon cloth pots
  • Bergmans nutrients and feeding schedule has been followed (1x a week feeding with 1L of water)
  • About 1200 watt LED light used at 20ish inches (24in at planting) was at 24/0 for first week and a half now 20/4 daily
  • temperature is consistently between 67-77 degrees depending on if the light is on and humidity is consistently between 35-50%

I’m concerned that they’ve maybe stretched too much for 2 of the plants and that they won’t fill in well. One is much more dense and looks closer to other WW autos I’ve seen in the 60-70 day range.

Any comments or info is helpful. Happy growing :call_me_hand:t2:


Nice! keep taking care of them. They will fill in just fine.


Sounds like you are doing everything correct. Autos are a finicky bunch. The same strain with the Russian genetics can do strange things. You can get numerous phenotypes from the same seeds. Looks like those have a sativa bud structure.


I am also doing ww autos. Did you do any training? I lst trained and had good results with the plant bushing out. A few of my main colas are taller than the rest but the training really added to the amount of bud sites. You may want to watch your water and feeding as I have noticed they get super hungry and take a lot more water at this stage. I am also in Happy frog soil. and am using bergmans nutes, I am at about the same time frame as you are and I have to water every other day. I am in 3 gal pots. You can take at look at where my ladies are at on my journal.They look nice and healthy and should fill in quite nicely.

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These are pictures from my first grow. They are WW autos. They were grown outside of my tent due to a germination screw up on my part (5 plants). I had to scramble to get cheap LEDs to see them through. This #7 on day 59

This is it on day 79 Again on day 87
The point is, like @kellydans said, it will fill in. I ended up using 2 low end LEDs that together draw about 260W, a little 32 watt light I use on vegetable / flower seeds and finally a 4’ Kind flower bar which I think is around 50W.


Very pretty buds! well done.

I am also new and using Bergman’s nutes as well as HF and OF together. Can’t tell about the hungry part as my outgoing PPM is running between 2-3000 with strictly PH conditioned water. I have only used the nutes once on the WW autos. I also have regular WW growing alongside, and they are all doing great. I may try to learn this LST on one of them. How did you do it?

The first two pics are of the one Auto in flower and her sister that initially looked pitiful and didn’t do much. Now it is playing catchup in a hurry. I may want to try and learn LST on this one, not sure if it is too late already They were transplanted to their pots on 3/9.

I did do some light LST which I can tell had some impact. I didn’t do too much because I wasn’t exactly sure what the best method was. I feed them about every 3 days or so and have noticed the hunger. After nute burn and a traumatic transplant I’m hoping for the best.