First time grower (advice on harvest time)

This is my first time growing I have 5 WW autos. I have one that looks like she is close to being ready to harvest. When should I harvest? Any advice would help.

Look at your trichomes. You want at least most of them to be milky or cloudy, with some even amber in color. A jeweler loupe 60x will do the trick. The hairs are still alot white, most will be brown when you are closer. My guess would be a 2 weeks or longer. I am still a newbie too but have learned alot on this forum. Welcome. Some of the really good growers will be wake and baking soon. You can wait on their opinions , I would. Lots and lot of knowledge here…

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I forgot to tell you to look at the trichomes on the bud itself not the sugar leaf

You still have a few weeks to go. The first real test is that the pistils are a amber/brown color.
Once most of the pistils are not white anymore means looking at some of the buds for the trichromes. Don’t use the sugar leaves.

A jeweler loupe is a must have. It’s not as good as a microscope but you will see the trichromes color on 60x. It’s not a expensive item to get.


Thanks for the quick respones.

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This is a good reference once you have a jeweler loupe. Welcome to the forum, btw.


By the look of pictures would say a few more weeks?

Of course you have weeks to go. To see the trichromes requires a jeweler loupe at least 30x. The 60x will show the tri’s Perfectly.

Thanks. This will help. Greatly appreciate.

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No problem. Everyone here has your back. Looks like you’ll get some nice WW smoke. Congrats!

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Yeah, your plant looks very nice. I my self are growing ww fem. I am in my 2nd week of flower. Its so much fun growing. It really is the highlight of my day to open my tent. !
Good luck with your harvest. 20191022_141035|281x500

You most likely have some weeks to go. I have 3 White Widow Autos going right now, 2 are just about there. One has a ways too. All 3 of these plants are the same age which just shows how weird autos can be. These pics should help you judge harvest time. I use a digital microscope to check the trics. They run 15 - 20 bucks on amazon


Wow… some huffy buds there. Thank for the visual!!

You have know idea. That’s all a think about at work. Lol. I call them my babies

Check the tricombs asap, so you know when you have to start flushing.
You need a solid flush in order to get a good clean smooth smoke at the end

I have… still clear. When should I start to flush? When they become cloudy?

It’s a gamble until you know the strain really, but depends on when you want to harvest… My indicas I harvest with alot of Amber so I wait tluntil they start turning Amber’s before I flush.
My sativas I flush once they are about 30% cloudy (but I’m still tryijf to prefect this)
So I can harvest when they are all cloudyml

When the crystals are cloudy and the bulk of the hairs are no longer white your getting there. Since you are new you might want to try the wait a week plan.When it seems like it is ready wait a full week. If the flowers start to brown up or the mushroom tops start to fall of the trichromes harvest it before the week is done. This will help you not jump the gun and you will be amazed how much better they are in a week. Do this as many times as needed. Also journal this so you are better able to harvest at peak ripeness next time.

Am thinking she is ready?

Looks like those are trichomes on leaves. I’ve been told should be on the actual bud because they are further along on the leaves which is deceiving. Good luck