First Time Grower About To Force Flower

This is one of several feminized gorilla glue seeds that I got from here at week 8. I have learned a lot and looking forward to ordering auto flower my next grow!

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Are you sure you want to flip already? That looks a little small for 8 weeks but Im new so wait for more knowledge to help out. @Oldguy @Dbpooper @Covertgrower @Bulldognuts


Yes I have no choice as I have 2 family reunions coming up that will be held here. I did not think about it until it was already too late and now it is either flip now or just pull them up. Just hoping i can get thru it. Thanks for your advise. All is greatly appreciated


@Fergus. Thanks for the tag brother.

@Skynyrdfan. You can go ahead and flip but they won’t start flowering until they’re sexually mature. (When pistils show )
That is if they’re not there already.
Sorry bout the reunion timing issues.