First time grower - 2x Critical Kush by Barney Farm Seeds

I planted these on 4/1 and we are now on Day 17. After a minor hiccup with one plant, the stem drooped over after some run off but also the lighting wasn’t set low enough (thanks @JaneQP). It’s recovered now and both seem to be going OK:

I’m using a living soil called Easy As Organics. It’s been great so far. If I had my time again, I’d have transplanted to a smaller pot before it’s final pot. I’ll know for next time.

I’ll keep posting updates for those who interested. Feedback welcome.


set to watch. they are looking good

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Set to watch!

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Set to watch nice looking baby

Happy growing

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I’m here as well! Looks great so far. Happy Growing :blush: and good luck!


Going to hang out! :v::blush:

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Thanks everyone! Looking forward to share the journey. Here’s 2 more that I took today:

They seem to be growing at a rapid rate at the moment.


Very pretty plants!


Day 21. They seem to be doing really well. I haven’t watered them since the overwatering mishap, but I’ve been sticking my finger into the soil and it’s still very moist so I have just let it go.

Still running a 24-0 lighting schedule (on lowest setting), which seems to be controversial on other forums, is it as controversial here?


Lookin good

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