First Time - Grow

Random seed found while cleaning my Rx stash - possibilities = Sunshine Daydream, Critical Bilbo or Blackcherry punch. The pics are Day 3 in the soil. Thoughts or issues as I am worried about light height.


Welcome to the forum

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Welcome! Welcome! You have a plan in mind when it comes time to transplant :thinking:

I’m new also. There alot of people that know what they are doing on here.

GOOD luck…

Just put your hand under it, if it’s too hot for your hand it’s too hot for your plants. Oh yeah welcome to the forum the only problem I have with growing a unknown strain is each strain needs specific conditions to achieve a great harvest. It’s impossible to know so you kinda have to use baseline settings for temp and humidity.

Yes I do…but will be here for some advice.

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Thank You