First time grow!

Does anyone grow ur in Las Vegas? Any advice for growing indoors with Vegas weather?

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3 things:

Climate Control
Climate Control
Climate Control
Climate Control

Oh, sorry. That was 4.

@elheffe702 can mentor you.


How much LED light for 4x8

How much LED for 4x8

I’m in a 4x4 and running 4 HLG QB288 rspec boards.

So 8 of these boards would work for you. Or you can buy as a kit 4 HLG 260W XL kits.


Humidity is tough to control here. You will likely need to humidify the room the tent is in. When the time comes, be prepared to dry slowly, either by hanging entire plants, or larger chunks if possible. There are several of us on here in Vegas, but I can only think of @Dr.DankThumb420 right this minute. Maybe he can add something.


I bought 2- 1000w TOLYS LED. Is that enough for a 4x8 tent?

What side of town u n?

Will 2-1000w TOLYS LED be enough for 4x8 tent?

I checked amazon ad and they don’t specify a real wattage draw at the wall. So the 1000 w they claim is a useless number.

If you are serious about growing and only want to buy lights once, return those tolys. Quality Lighting for a 4x8 is going to cost you in the $1200 range.

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Thank u brother. What lights do u recommend? I want to run 2 - 4x8 tents

Thank you bro, what lights do you recommend? I want to run to 4 x 8 tents


Check out Horticulture Lighting group look at the items I listed above

If you are serious, lights are your most important investment.

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I’m going to make the assumption that electricity is relatively cheap in NV.

(4) 600w HPS/MH dimmable digital ballast lamps would cover (2) 4’x8’ tents through veg and flower. The lights should run about $150 each with both bulbs included.

That’s the least expensive route to go, and it will stay cheaper to buy and operate than LED for years. You can literally run that setup for 2 years and still end up ahead of the HLG lights.

If you’re going through that much flower, you’ll save enough after 1 crop to justify the upgrade to more efficient HLG or custom lights.

Are you fully considering how much flower you’re aiming to produce? How much flower are you smoking?

It’s my first grow and I have space for 2-4x8 tents. I ordered 40 feminized OG Kush seeds.

I have space 2-4x8tents. I ordered 40 OG Kush feminized seeds.

I’m near Nellis AFB. How bout you? @AAA and @KeystoneCops have you covered on the lighting. Only thing I’d add is that you might do better to do one tent bigger than the other, if you’re going for a perpetual setup. Vegging plants need less light, less space, and you can make a larger part of the available space for flowering that way. Just another thing to consider ahead of time, rather than after the fact.

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I’m at in Cenntial

I live by Aliante Casino, one space is bigger than the other.

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I’m going to urge you to slow this process down, and carefully consider how you want to move forward. Everyone here is willing to help you navigate a successful first grow, but I’m seeing a few red flags that have me concerned you’re biting off way more than a first time grower can manage.

My advice is to stop buying things, and come up with a complete plan/budget. Then sleep on it for a week.