First time grow - would love some guidance and feedback :)

Hey guys !

I’m growing for the first time ! I’m using a Mars Hydro TS-1000 and the seeds I’m using are 2 x GSC auto flowers and 1 x pineapple express and 1 x white widow ( unsure if these are autos or not )

The photos posted are from today which is Day 14 from sprouting through the soil !

Temperature has been approx 23-26 celsius and humidity ranges between 60-90 !

I used distilled water for the first 2 weeks from germination and then just tap water , I’m waiting on a Ph tester so that I can adjust the water accordingly to get the right Ph level .

My main question and concern is that I have no idea what level to have the light set to , I have it currently set at about 40 ( it’s dimmable from 0-100 ) . Should I have the light set to brighter ? I have the light hanging 24 inches from the plants ! I also have a small fan hanging at the top of the tent .

Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you !


Young plants don’t need a whole lot of light and you are probably okay at 40% at this point. You’ll want to ramp up the light as they grow.

Space and the eventual ability to put more light on them is going to be a problem. Your light is really only sufficient to flower one plant. I suggest encouraging them to flower as quickly as possible to manage their size.

There is no need to pH distilled water when no nutrients are added. Pure distilled will take on the pH of the soil you put in into and if you are in a good cannabis soil you won’t need to fertilize for sever weeks yet.

They do look really healthy. Welcome to the forum.


Thank you so much for your response !

How do you recommend getting them to flower sooner ?

Do you recommend removing maybe 2 of the plants in there and let the other 2 go ?

What strength light would I need to be able to grow 4 plants like this ?

Sorry for all of the questions and thank you so much in advance !

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They are autos? It’s difficult as they can flower anywhere between 4 and 9 weeks. Some try encouraging them to flower by changing to light cycle to 12/12 after 4 or 5 weeks.

You could do that. Pick the strains you want to keep, or wait and see which flower first (if autos.)

You ideally need 50 watts per sq. ft. from the wall when in flowering. I can’t speak to the Mars products, but in general it takes at least one panel per plant.


I would like to add two cents. Imo you can grow all 4 of those plants under that little light. Ideally you would want more light as stated but if you keep them small and go for a flat top sea of green style with a fairly thin canopy because that light won’t penetrate much more than 6-8 inches. From the looks of your space you could grow 1 larger plant much better with the reflective sides it would do good, but I think you will probably get the same results from 4 little ones as the 1 bigger would get. I also wanted to complement you on a clean good lookin grow area and a great start. Welcome to the forum and hope to see you guys/gals around. Good luck to all

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Thank you so much for your help !
I’m a little stressed today , I’ll post some pics but I don’t know if they’re thirsty or hungry or just dying !

Also this is my healthiest looking plant , I’ve left her in the tent ! The light is mars hydro ts1000 and it’s at about 40 percent and 24 inches ! Should I move it closer ? Turn it up ? Schedule is 18/6

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Hello and welcome to the forum :v::green_heart:.
If they start to stretch to much, I’d lower it.
What type of soil are your girls in ?

Thank you so much for the warm welcome !
They are in organic soil with perlite mixed through however I’m starting to doubt myself as to whether I used enough perlite or not ! It’s probably a 10/90 ratio lol … is there anything I can do to help ??

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The tips look like maybe the soil is hot. Is it your own mix.They’re photos or autoflower? How’s the drainage. I assume you have holes in the pots?

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Auto flower ! And yes I have drainage in the pots , however I haven’t watered until i’ve seen any runoff yet as I’ve been scared to overwater the smaller plant in the large pot so have just been watering around the plant so there’s never been enough water to drain out the bottom if that makes sense ?

It’s just store bought soil and perlite and i mixed it together myself !

Thank you so much for your help !

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If you can post info on your soil that would be helpful. I’m sure there was some aeration and drainage materials added to the store bought organic soil + your added perlite should be adequate. When I grew in happy frog soil, I would water around the edges of the pot to help establish a good root system. I tried to not water around the stem. I let them dry 2 finger knuckles deep in the soil before watering again.
I wouldn’t water to run off yet. Once you get your pH meter, I would then water to run off and check your pH. They have the over watered look to them but if the pH is way off, that could be the issue too. How is the environment? Temp airflow and humidity?
I’m happy to help, I will tag in some others too. So many helpful grower’s on this site.
@PurpNGold74 is a wealth of knowledge and helpful. He’s a busy guy but he usually sees a tag eventually :wink:. @kaptain3d and @shindig153 @Mote @Myfriendis410 to name just a few are very helpful and experienced. :v::green_heart: