First time grow. Signs of preflowering

First time grow. Mistakes were made but I’m learning. Sour Diesel and Super Skunk planted Feb 21st. The Sour Diesel responded well to LST. The Super Skunk not so much. I did top the Super Skunk two days ago thinking I had more time to recover before flowering. I want to clean up the lower Super Skunk but thought it best to give it more time to recover from the topping. Small white pistols appeared today on both. Is time to turn on the bloom switch of the LED? Do you think the height of the plants is ok for this stage? The Super Skunk is 14 inches above the soil and the Sour Diesel is 12 inches but much wider. There was some lensing early on but the leaves look mostly healthy. Sorry for the poor pics with the front camera. Busted the main camera on my phone. They have been on a 18/6 schedule. Temps in the low 70s. RH was 70% early and I’ve been bringing it down 5% a week lately and currently at 60%. Growing fast and drinking about 2 liters of 6.5PH a day with no run off. Both are Pot for a Pot starter kits.

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From here on out you need to use both switches to give them enough light to get big fat buds.


Looking very good.

More light! They will drink more once really flowering and packing weight. Although the P4P state no nutes needed, I fed mine from the beginning of flowering with an all-in-one dry mix from MegaCrop.

Best of luck.

I like the set up it looks clean , can’t really tell from pics

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