First time grow, seeking advice!

Hey guys, it’s my first time doing an indoor grow and I’m looking for some guidance!

Tent- 4x2x5, 2 10-inch fans and a basic humidifier
Soil- Fox Farm Happy Frog base layer w/ Jobe’s dry Organic Fertilizer 3-5-5 mixed in and a neutral organic top soil
Nutrition- Bloom City Organic Root Stimulator

1 Jack Herer (Planted into a solo cup 5/26, transplanted into a 5 gallon pot 6/17)
2 White Widows (Planted into a solo cup 5/21, transplanted one of them into a 3 gallon pot and one into a 5 gallon pot (6/17)
1 random seed (Planted into a solo cup 5/21, transplanted into a 3 gallon pot 6/17)

I topped them 6/21(I accidentally cut one of the top fan leaves off the White Widow :cold_sweat:) and I give them a daily foliage spray w/ distilled water mixed with the seaweed extract. I’m also watering the soil every other day w/ distilled water mixed w/ seaweed extract just enough until it starts dripping out the bottom. I’m doing daily Low Stress Training by bending down the fan leaves by hand and rotating the pots everyday a quarter turn.

The questions I have are:

  1. When should I start/what is the best form of LST? Netting? Tie downs?
  2. What should a proper feeding schedule look like from this point forward?
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One things for sure is your gonna need more lighting very soon. That wont be near enough light to flower in that space. Thats only 132 true watts and to flower in that space u meed atleast 320 true watts for a ok yeild. They look good so far

And you only need to water once its almost dry. Its its still moist then no need to water. And u can start lst however u want. U can carefully pull down the top so the bottom gets light. The point is to get light on spots that are covered.

I would stop foliar feeding. You’ll end up with burned spots on the leaves.

Not really sure on this because we’re not sure how much fertilizer you’ve mixed into the soil.
Typically none is mixed in, and you’ll be adding it to your water, and it’s watered in. This may cause issues into flowering.

Fox farms makes a good line that’s pretty accessible.

As far as I knew lst was to strengthen the stalk and make it more flexible in preparation to scrog.

Guess it depends on ur reasons for it. I do it to open up for light to covered spots and shorten it and bushy instead of vertical

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Suppose it does. Well.

Never done scrog but my reasons for lst work well for me

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I never scrog either so I never have lst I’ve just used a couple fans.

I dont do lst to strengthen stem at all. I do it to shorten the plant and open the center so it bushes out and makes more bud sites and all bud sites be more leveled when in flower. Pulling branches down gives covered ones light then pull them down and so on

Oh OK I just use a smaller pot keeps the plant shorter and thicker.


all the new growth and future bud sites is from lst

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I see almost looks scrogged, cool new knowledge.


The main branches and leaves cover the ones under so u tie them down to give light to them then they grow out then tie those down so u keep opening it up for even light

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Could I get the same light and put 2 of them in there?

Took me awhile to understand but its a certain amount of watts per sq ft and a 2x4 is 8 total sq ft and for a good yeild they say 40 45 50 true watts per square foot for flower. So on the lower end atleast 320 worth true watt. 2 more of those lights would be ok or get a new style led

@appleyardjr267 that’s the same plant that broke and you taped right? I have seen that pic before took me a minute to remember where I saw it.

Yep. Broke completely off. I have a clone i made from that plant that im doing lst to too. Short and bushy


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Nicely done. May have to lst on my next run.

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Its well worth a try. Get more out of her. Im no expert or claim to be. Im still learning alot but this forum has got me where i am today. And if i can help then i try and pass my experiences abd advice to someone. We keep helping the next one as we advance