First time grow - - Seedling stage SOS - Auto Flower to Hydro - Indoor

Sup. First time grower with some concerns & looking for advice (thanks in advance)

OG Kush Auto Flowerer (seeds from ILGM) - Hydro intent once rockwool plug has been outgrown by root system

Germination via distilled water bath in total darkness
-tap root sprouted in under 72 hours

Sprouted seed placed directly in rockwool plug saturated in 5.5 pH water, with 1/4 mL FLORAGRO & 1mL UC roots nutrients dissolved in 1 Gal of distilled water (668 PPM)

-lighting: 25W T5 CFL (24hr) & 12W LED (24 HR for additional blue light). Lighting placed approx 4" above the seedling.

-Temp & Humidity: temp steady between 68-74F. Humidity between 68-77%

-heat mat used during germination and through day 4 of the seedling stage - removed due to high & unpredictable Temps (80F - highest reading that triggered removal)

Seedling sprouted out of the rockwool quickly, and begun growing. Growth has recently halted and my main point of concern is that the seed husk hasn’t spread out to form the artificial 1st set of leaves to begin photosynthesis production.

The seedling is currently on Day 7 since being placed in the rockwool plug. Rockwool plug sits inside a humidity dome inside a grow tent.

I attempted to alter the lighting schedule to 21/3 but the darkness and unpredictable weather where I reside caused the temp to drop to 60 F when that was trialed. Back to 24 hr light

I’ve been conscious to not over water, especially with the retention of the rockwool medium providing maybe a spray or two per day of the same solution described above via plant sprayer

Do I have cause for concern if the seedling hasn’t progressed much over the last couple of days?


Your ppm is too high for a seedling. You don’t really need to add nutrients until the first set (round) feeder leaves begin to die off. Also your rockwool looks a little too wet. You can drown them out

Thanks. I though I’d be fine with that PPM per this article which recommends 500-600 for seedlings:

You can carefully pop the husk off of it. Use finger nails or something to crack it open. Be very careful and gentle as not to damage the plant.


That’s probably for when they have 4 or more sets of leaves. Even then I only push around 600ish ppm in late vegg. Just an fyi, you are going to be limited to how many times you can reply your first day here

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@HornHead has you covered. I am only pushing about 1200 ppm and I’m in the 5th week of flower.

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I seem to have the issue with the seed husk quite often, Like @BetrayedSoul said you can try to coax it off. I have used needles and tweezers as well to help, be careful not to damage plant. Humidity dome has help for me but, I see that you are already doing that. I have also misted or put droplets of water directly on husk, via syringe and waited 10-15 minutes and used needles with good success. I have had it take several attempts with the misting or droplets to finally loosen/soften the husk up. I hope that this helps :+1: :v: