First time grow ?s

I have 3 white widow growing one in coast of maine and 2 in Ocean forest. The one in coast of maine is doing alright. The other 2 are both having different problems one the growth is slow and small leaves the other has big leaves yellowing and small brown spots. I am in the end of week for am i just over thinking. I would appreciate the help

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Have you been pHing the water when you water? And how often are you watering?

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Thanks…I was watering probably around 7.5 cause I had the strips and wasn’t reading it right. So bought a decent ph meter that I calibrated. I use filtered city water with ph down… now I water at 6.0 to 6.5 its been a week since watering. But before it was like every four days I soaked it one time like 2 weeks ago not realizing that would take out alot of the natural stuff in soil. But a week ago when I watered week 3 I used whats recommended fox farm trio gro big big bloom chart. Then finding out I should have waited to week 5 or so and use maybe half.

Yeah they look dry man. With that wilt, I’d say it’s time to water them. And yeah in the FF ocean forest I like to always have my water at a pH level of 6.5


Good to know is there a best time to water?

It’s usually best to water when the lights come on


Repot them and give a thorough watering, they will recover in no time.

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If at anything to give them with just water maybe 5mls of cal mag here or there. I use ffof. Some start off a little yellow like whats seen some make it fine. Slow and easy on the water when u water them. Keep a good pattern around the plant with the water. Ot under the leaves make the roots stretch good. Mine are like 11 days old i believe out of soil just repotted they r in 7 gallon fab pots and only see like 20 to 30 oz of water right now and as they grow so does the amount of water.


Thanks for the info brotha

For beginners that are starting to grow your plants you can you start using Cal Mag use half dosage at first you can also use Silica only to the flower stage you have to stop using a silica when it starts to flowers that’s where I messed up at and all my plants are grown outside in the sun with organic fertilizer. I use autoflowers in 5 gallon smart pots, I been watching my friend grow for 20 years and I learned a lot I have been growing for 4 years now I forgot one thing the silica got to be used during watering it cannot sit more than 2 hours it will start the clock so you can mix all your chemicals and then you mix half teaspoon per gallon hope this helps a little happy growing if you need more information hit me a text

Hey Simpson I had water ph at 6.3 then 3 days later it went up to 7.5. I checked it also with my general hydroponics drops and that gave me the same result as my apera ph meter?. I use general hydroponics ph down to lower my tap is 8.5 to 8.9 ph.

Yes sometimes water does change in PH every time I make a new batch I check my pH you do not want to get it down to five five that’s for growing hydroponic indoors and you do not want to get your pH over 6.5 so I keep mine at 6.0 this will give you the best results and when it’s time to give your protein to your plants mix each one very good then check your pH I do this for mine and I use natural organic soil