First time grow questions

I am getting ready to start growing within the next week or so. I have all my equipment set up and am ready to go just waiting on seeds . The seeds are going to be auto flowering. I have a 4x4 grow tent and a 4 plant gravity feed hydroponic system. I have a Mars hydro 192 LED light set up in the tent . Can I start the seeds is the tent already in the pots? And if so how far from the seeds should I keep the light and for how many hours a day.

Download Roberts Marijuana grow bible, it’s free and he gives great advice on germinating seeds. I’ve done it his way, and it was easy and simple. Everyone has their own different ways, and over time you will adapt yours.

Very informative thank you!!:smile:

I did similar to you and I placed the light at the top of the tent and lowered it slowly over a few weeks as the plant got bigger and they were happy.
I placed cut 3L plastic bottles over each plant until they got a second set of true leaves and then cut open the top for a week then removed the bottles altogether, This gave higher humidity the smaller plants like and gave them time to set out their roots.
Big tent little plants makes for low humidity and this will slow your seedlings.
If you read the guide it will tell you why.
good luck and keep us informed how you are going well all love this stuff and remember everyone starts some where.
There are smart people here with good advice.
This is what I have learned this time around.
Its better to under feed then over feed
(plants tend to need less then what the bottle says but its a good place to start)
PH is very important but you don’t need to be exact just with in best limits
(when PH moves it releases things the plant needs if its always the same PH some things will not be available)
Don’t over water (soil) or let it dry right out (coco) its almost a desert plant but not quite (they like to play in the water but they don’t like wet feet)

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Very good thank you !!! I will post pictures when I start them!

Your light should have instruction on light height , but starting should be about 26 - 32 inches until seed sprouts , than you lower it to about 18-24 inches and as the plant progress in growth you lower the light until you find the sweet spot on your light panel . The stronger the light the more distant you want , but the weaker the light the closer you can run it over your light . Now you can veg with CFL lights and put them very close to get good results or a T-5 and than once the plant become establish and ready for nutrients you can put the led on them.

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