First time grow, question about buds

So I’ve posted before. First time grow. Growing 1 plant each of the mixed auto pack which includes Northern Lights, Amnesia Haze, and Blueberry. All of the plants will be 8 weeks old tomorrow growing outdoors in 5 gallon buckets in a mix of potting soil and coco coir. All three plants are vastly different in their development. They all started flowering at very different times. The AH was first…she topped out at 23" tall, smells lovely and has very sticky buds. The Northern lights is now 4 feet tall and also has very nice flower development. The blueberry was originally the runt of the trio but is now about 50" tall and has very young flowers starting to form. Pictures attached. The buds on the AH and NL are sort of light, airy, and fluffy…Should I expect them to tighten up over time?

The first picture of all three plants has labels on the buckets. The 2nd picture is the northern lights and the last is a somewhat closer view of the Amnesia Haze

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The ladies look happy! I’m growing 2 AH autos as well. Mine are indoors but my buds are relatively dense. They may firm up as they pick on more weight tho. Unfortunately, the close up picture of your AH looks like you may have a mite infestation. My eyes could be fooling me but the leaves look like there’s white spots all over them.

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Hi, it is possible but honestly I haven’t seen any type of infestation at all.

I didn’t either until I was looking through my jewelers loupe and saw one crawling on top of a leaf

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I’m far from being good at this. It just looked similar to mine.

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I will try to check more closely…What did you do about your mite problem?

First, remove them and their eggs with your fingers. Then wash them off with diluted citric acid/water. Then it depends on what kind of mites they are. If possible, I’d use beneficial predators from a source like Nature’s Good Guys. Californicus are kinda hardy and not too picky about their prey, if you have to pick one at random.

What I wouldn’t do is apply a broad spectrum insecticide.


This is a genetic trait of sativa-dominant plants FYI.

You do have what appears to be mites or aphids. They will kill your plant and definitely will affect yields adversely.

The best products I’ve found are: ‘Safer Caterpillar Killer’ (BtK) and ‘Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew’ (Spinosad). 3% peroxide is also your friend.


Having a short amnesia haze and tall northern lights and blueberry are pretty much the opposite I would expect based on their genetics. NL and BB are heavy indica and would normally be expected to be shorter than AH. I have grown both AH and BB autos. The AH is kinda of a late developer and generally has a longer to maturity period. She should fill out but again because she is sativa dominant the buds will not be as dense as the other two.
Get after the mites. I used Dead Man’s brew to kill off caterpillars that got into my outdoor plants. A couple applications took care of them with little or no damage to the plants.

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With respect to the hydrogen peroxide. Are you recommending diluting that and how and what are you applying it to? To the soil only? I assume it would be harmful to the foliage. And do you drench the soil or just spray the surface?

I am wondering if ILGM mislabeled my seeds…but 2 of my plants are tall and the one is short…according to what you are saying I should have 1 tall and 2 short plants.

I would stay clear of spinosad since it isn’t on the list of approved pesticides from Oregon. I’m not sure what they found out about it through testing.

Here’s their current list of approved cannabis pesticides.

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It could happen but very unlikely. I currently have three jack herer autos in the garden. Two are mirror images of each other. The third is a runt. 1/4 the size of the other two. I grew three blueberry autos. All were around 24". However, at the same time a member grew one to be over 48". It just happens. Also, they will grow larger outside. The good thing is, you should pull some nice weight off of the NL & BB

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I definitely think it’s interesting…both of the tall plants which I believe to be Northern Lights and Blueberry are tall and have narrow fan leaves. The Amnesia Haze is short with broad leaves. It just doesn’t seem to match the descriptions…perhaps simply because these are hybrids after all.

I had heard that too but I wash my harvest and feel I’m safe with the amounts I use.

You can run it all the way to full strength as a foliar spray but it will dry leaves out around the edges and give them a papery feel. Normally I’d dilute down to like 1/4 cup of 3% in a quart of distilled and use in a hand sprayer. It will kill mites so long as you douche the whole plant down, undersides of leaves in particular.

If I were outside I would first hose off the plant to dislodge as many as possible. Treat with peroxide, wait 24 hours and treat with the Safer spray. Wait 5 days then repeat with peroxide/Safer treatment. That should break the egg-laying cycle.


The truth is that I have looked hard for evidence of an infestation and I’m not seeing anything…no aphids, no mites…and the plants don’t really look stressed…albeit I don’t have any experience growing cannabis but it’s not my first time growing anything…I will definitely look super close for mites etc. I just can’t imagine that these ladies might die given their current appearance…I would guess my AH is about 4 weeks away and the others will take longer before being ready

So I have continued to closely inspect my plants and still no sign of mites or aphids…the plants are still looking healthy as far as i can tell and are progressing. On an interesting side note I did find a spider mite infestation on a catnip plant that I am growing…what called my attention to it were a bunch of tiny ants crawling all over the plant…i sprayed it down with Amazing Dr. Zymes Eliminator…seems pretty effective. I used it as a soil drench for my 3 ladies preemptively. I have also ordered some food grade diatomaceous earth to sprinkle on top of the soil.