First time grow...problem at 21 days with leaves turning yellow from bottom up

High to all…new to site and still trying to navigate so please bear with. Have 2 ultra white amishia at 21 days growing in Mirical Grow seed starter soil. 400 watt MH at 20 hrs on and 4 off about 1 foot from plants. Started noticing one plant bottom single finger leaf losing its green about a week ago. Now second plant is starting to do that and the first one is starting to also show the same on the second 3 finger leaves. Center new growth is still looking good but I see problems coming. I’m so new at this so please help. They say pics are worth more than words right??

looks to be over watered droopy leaves


Thanks for the reply. Just watered with plain water about an hour before this post. Between the heat from the light…the cardboard like pots…the very light/fluffy soil and the fan that runs about 18 hrs a day…I have been watering…or nutiment watering…every 48 hrs due to very dry soil apperance. The pots get so light that they feel like there is no weight to them. I have never seen the plants look like they are suffering from no water by doing this but maybe I am overwatering like you say.

might be time for a bigger pot and something with more nutrients in it, too…no more seed starting mix.


Yes def a larger pot, atleast a gallon. If you het a basic pot drill a bunch of small holes all the way around it so the roots can breathe and natuarally keep themselves in check. They will never try to grow through the holes, and keeps them from getting root bound. Try this and half strenght nutes, with ph about 6.0 or even more like 5.8 at that size and watch it recover with vigor. Stay away from water for a couple days after the transplant, just make sure shes not dry during transplant but not soaking wet. Try to just drop her out of that pot and stick it straight in the other. Goodluck

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Also that light might be kind of close, what’s the temperature at the top of the plants?


Yeah i think the 400 watt is supposed to be 20 inches from the plants


Well that would depend, a vented Hood can get really close but that hood is not vented so that’s going to be a lot of heat that close?

Original poster should do what everyone has said so far in this thread all good advice for where you’re at right now, plants look pretty good in general, keep it up :thumbsup:

  • best of luck!

Yeah the air cooled hood can get closer than 20 inches, i think 12. Someone made a thread about it , i believe it was mr green.

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Going with what you say on transplanting and raising light. THANKS!!

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