First time grow. Possible white mold?

This is on a very small bud that comes off the main stalk towards the bottom of the plant.


Have no idea what it is. @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @Hellraiser @Cannabian you guys have any idea?

If it doesn’t look like trichomes. It’s mold unfortunately.


@Cory1 Looks like mold to me. Make sure you wear a mask when dealing with it! Also… you can use cider vinegar & water or baking soda, liquid dish soap, & water to combat it (Google it). Most importantly: remove the most seriously affected parts immediately and try to salvage the rest. Bring plenty of alcohol to disinfect the good parts of the plant that are left. There may be a way to save the buds that are mollywhopped, but I’m not sure. I personally wouldn’t DARE smoke it. Just my opinion. Hope you make it through this nicely :pray:t3:

@Cory1 I forgot to ask: do you grow exclusively outdoors or do you move her in at night? How is the relative humidity? Is the potting mix too moist? How is the airflow through the entire plant? Weather conditions? What kind of media do you grow in?

Carefully remove, discard and get plant into a dry environment with plenty of airflow.

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