First time grow, plant stopped taking water?

I have 8 growing, they are autoflower- this one is critical purple. Flowering since Feb 1. It stopped taking water a few days ago, and just keeps getting dryer… ALSO… I almost lost all my plants to overwatering in the very beginning, BUT, I save them (maybe stunted their growth though?) Should I go ahead and start drying or is this one a loss?


Well from what I can see it looks super nice. Flowering since Feb 1 u say. It looks like it’s been longer than that as it looks close to done hard to say from them pics but it’s looking super. Ice. Did a good job. So if u water the plant now and get runoff from bottom of pots. Let some drip away and then use a shallow bowl to collect some of the runoff then check the pH and ppms of the runoff and see what those numbers say. Could be a lockout somewhere. The numbers will tell us this tag me with the @ symbol before name when I get the numbers see if we can pin point the issue here

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@Mark0427 I’ve don’t normally use the meters, but I do have them. So here are the numbers recorded:
ph 4.5 ppm .221

I have no clue what these numbers mean! I’m just trying to grow these like any other plants :rofl:

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In soil pH should be around 6.5 to 6 8. Coco is 5.5 to 6.1ish area works. Ppms should be up around the 500 to 900 range by now what nutes and all are u using what pH meter do u have also. Is it calibrated and good to go and not reading off.

Shit ur ppms should be up about 1000 or more lol ur in full flower my plants would be getting about 1200ppm. Feeds by now how many weeks flower is that do u remember when u seen first pistils pop out

lord have mercy!!! The meters are Vivosun, calibrated… IDK!!
germinated 12/9
seedling sprouted 12/11
first sign of pistils 1/22 ish
using fox farm nutrients, following the guidelines on the bottles- this particular plant hasn’t been given water or nutrients for about 5 days now because the soil is soaked (until today I just did a watering to get the runoff for testing) The rest of the plants look fine- drinking well and not drying out- looking with the magnifier- the trichomes look good- BUT- the stickiness is gone and the smell is very mild.

going to calibrate and retest

What was ph of water before going in.

same- 4.5 (I have well water and that’s what I use to water them)

What are you using for soil.

foxfarm ocean forest. The rest of my plants are doing just fine- it’s this one little guy- I’m willing to cut, dry, and cure to see what it brings- just not sure if I should do that- or let it go a few more days

this is the rest of the plants- all treated exactly the same

Your ph should be 6.5 to 6.8 going in.
Don’t know what to say on the one. Maybe something wrong with root system or maybe bud rot inside of buds. Don’t know if the bud rot makes sense though in this case but maybe. If it is all dried up and trykes lost stickiness it’s probably done.

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Some plants mature early. I have noticed water intake falling off when about done. That plant in pics looks to have all hairs brown or curling in. Trichs cloudy. Get a deep look at trichomes. She might have matured faster. I think 1 of our regulars just had an auto finish very fast. Even he was surprised at the speed he said. He is an established grower.


That does not sound right. That is very acidic. I think it would raise havoc with pipes etc.
If it really is that low I suspect OF is saving your plants because is is buffered. But the buffering does diminish over time and I do not believe cannabis would survive long with that low of Ph.


Ok- I don’t use the meter ever- I really don’t understand it- though it seems easy enough.

If you don’t have the ph up stuff you can use baking soda. Test like ¼tsp to a gallon.

What’s the rh and temps for your grow space?

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I looked at the trichomes with a magnifier and they look good- Cloudy and a couple of amber ones. Yes- pistols have curled in.

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RH? Not sure
Temps were kept at around 75-80

Relative humidity. I try to keep my flowering in 40 to 50% range. Temps seem fine.
Sounds like your are really close. You putting her in the dark for a day or 2 before harvesting?

I also almost drowned my gsce auto. I had to transplant and cut black roots off it was sad but she recovered. I’m curing her buds right now.

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