First time grow, planning from the ground up

Hello! I could use a little advice here, I think I goofed.

History: I built a 99% sealed grow room in my basement. Inside the grow room I have a 4x8x8 grow tent. I germinated 10 seeds of the Big Bud strain in Rapid Rooters inside the tent, at around 78 degrees with a nice 70% humidity. As soon as they sprouted and had their first little leaves, I put them under the 12000 watt KingLED grow light at about 4 inches away. After they stopped growing as fast for about 3 days, I transplanted 8 of them into Fox Farm Ocean Forest potting soil in opaque solo cups (2 of them didn’t make it RIP), During that time I had 1 leaf on one plant turn brownish around the edge and tip, and 1 leaf on another plant have yellow spots. Trying to diagnose the problem, whether they were overwatered or what have you, It turned out that the water I was using was filtered through a Brita pitcher, and when I finally had the tools I needed to test the water, the PH was only at around 5. I added PH up to the water to get it to 6.5. Since then I tested the tap water, and to my surprise it’s between 7 and 8 PH. So now I use straight tap. They grew a bit more and less than a week later I had to transplant again to avoid them becoming root bound, so I transplanted them into 7 gallon fabric pots. I had enough of the Fox Farm soil to fill only half the pot, so I added some Vigoro all purpose potting soil…(.07, .04, .03) to fill them up, and watered them. Today is their 3rd week birthday! I may have goofed today though, I added a full envelope of Bergman’s Plant Boost to a gallon of water and used it on them this morning. I think I might have overfed them. They look good now, but am I going to be dissappointed?

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If your in FFOF soil then no, you dont need any fertilizer until the plants use up what’s in the soil. You will probably see them get burned a little bit but they aren’t gonna die or anything. Your LED light should be around 24 inches above the plants and BOTH switches should be turned on.


I have to have the flowering light on as well? I thought that was the whole reason for separate switches. Maybe that’s why they’re growing a little sluggishly. I have them at 18" above the top of the plant at the moment. I also sprayed them with Neem oil just before the lights went out last night, not that those little pesky flies are in the plants, but just the same they’re getting out of hand. Can’t seem to rid the house of those pesky little buggers. I have yellow trap cards on the way.

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Fungus gnats…you should grab some gnat nix and top dress the pots so they cant get down into your soil and lay eggs.

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And yes, you need both switches on the whole grow. The light you bought is advertised at 1200 watts but in reality it’s nowhere close to it. In actuality…its more along the lines of 200 watts. See where I underlined it’s TRUE power draw?

With that being said, an LED grow should have around 40 to 50 watts per sq ft. And with a 4x8 your gonna want around 1300 to 1500 true watts to be able to properly flower plants. You will definitely need to invest in better lighting if your wanting to flower all those plants. Otherwise the light you got is good for flowering one plant

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I guess that’s what I get for assuming on the switches. I went with these to help curb the monthly electrical cost. I should have researched them a little better. I did move them up and at full blast. You don’t thing that the 2 lights will flower 8 plants in the tent?

No sir it wont, you could have the 2 lights together and maybe have 3 plants under it but that’s pushing it. Look in the quantum boards from horticulture lighting group. Ideally in your tent you would want 4 of the 260xl kits…2 per 4x4 and that would be enough light to grow some killer plants.

How about one added 3000w KingLED, for a few hundred dollars less?

KINGPLUS 3000W LED Grow Light | King LED Lights

I dont promote or advise anyone to use those blurple lights. If you wanna grow good weed, you gotta have good light. That’s the one thing you cant slack on.


So my grow went not too shabby. Had some nute burn issues, some environment issues, little bit of calcium deficiency, really didn’t do hardly any defoliating, but I did top them twice. Oh and fought those stupid fungus gnats pretty much the whole time. I did find out where they were coming from, they wont be bothering me anymore. I also vented out of the room, added an air conditioner. Freaked out about the humidity from time to time but it worked out. I did add the 3000w king led light. 8 plants of Big Bud, almost a week into cure. Total est. about 17oz. Not too happy with the yield, but I was warned about the lighting. Yesterday I went out and bought more ffof soil, along with a bit of Happy Frog and Coco Coir. Also an air pump for my nice consistent 7.0ph tap water to help dissipate the chlorine this time now that the fungus gnats are finally gone and under control. Also I bought 2 315w cmh lights, going to use those for this grow along with either the one 3000w or one of the 1200w led lights in the center of the other two. I also plan on making a journal and testing everything more often. Looking to have 15 grow this time from germination in paper towel. What do you think? Any suggestions before I get started again?