First Time Grow: OG Kush, Skywalker, Fire OG

Hey Guys,

First time grow and looking for any tips or input. So far things are going good. The plants are about 6 weeks old. I am growing 2 Fire OG, 2 Skywalker OG, and 1 OG Kush, the equipment details are as follows:

-4x4 Vivosun Tent w/ Inline Fan (Came as a kit)
-4000W Bloom Plus Light
-Tower fan outside the tent, and smaller desk fan inside the tent (I have been keeping the front of the tent open for better circulation, i was also having a heat problem when the tent door was fully closed.
-Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil in 5 Gallon Fabric Pots.

  • Blue Max Part A, Blue Max Part B, Cal Mag (I fed the plant nutrients on about the 30th day after planting the seeds, i plan on feeding the plants again next time i water. I suspect i am having some nutrient problems with the Fire Og, any suggestions would be a great help)
    -Ph level is between 6.3-6.7
    -TDS - 1000-1300, This is generally the read i get when testing water that drained through the fabric pots into the spill containers.
    -Daytime Temp - 80-84 F
    -Nighttime Temp - 75 F
    -Daytime Humidity - 50%
    -Nighttime Humidity - 40%-43%

I am a bit concerned with some of the leaves on the Fire OG plants starting to turn color and crisp up. One of the OG plants had a rough beginning which you should be able to see from the pictures. i think i was overwatering it when it was young, nonetheless i have been very surprise by its recovery. What do you guys think is causing the discoloration in the leaves?

So far I have topped each of the plants twice and Im using training wire the pull the stems down. Any tips to maximize yield or quality would also be great!


Iā€™m not a soil grower but is it possible that your soil was still holding nutes when you started feeding and now its a little too hot for that particular plant.

Is this a lower leaf? A lot of times lower leaves are the first casualty as the plant gets taller. All the new growth looks good.


FF will do great till the 3rd month. Best to ease the nutes into the mix.
Overall looks great.

Looking awesome in there. Welcome to the party

Thanks for the feedback, I have been using a low amount of nutes every other time I water and that seems to be doing the trick. I will be flipping them into flower next week.