First time grow nutrients and plain water

I just started my plants on nutrients last week should I use nutrients every week or use plain water every other week

Depends on the nutrients. What you got?

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Few deferent kinds but using foxfarms rn

If you’re using fox farms do their chart at half strength every week


K ty for the advice

Exactly what @GreenSnek stated, they also recommended a 30 day flush. FF trio can be notorious for salts and minerals building up I the root zone. Watering or feeding to run off helps prevent that some. Keep checking your run off numbers. They also make a flushing product called Sledgehammer :love_you_gesture:

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If you need here is the link to FF feeding schedule as @GreenSnek said use schedule at half strength. The feeding schedule says twice a week which usually works out to every other time I water I feed with nutrients.

Happy Growing