First time grow, Northern Lights Auto

Hi Guys, this is my first post and first try at growing.
Trying to keep it super simple, outdoors, letting nature run its course.
This little guy (ilgm NL auto) is 7 weeks old, currently seems to be dealing well with an Australian summer of 35c days and 24c nights.
How far off harvest would you say it looks?

Thanks for looking guys, keen to take on any pointers!


Welcome to the community you could easily go another 7 weeks. I have had northernl light Autos go 16 weeks to finish. Keep taking care of her let those buds get fat and dence. Still showing a lot of white. Good luck finishing.


Welcome Markk.

In order to properly gauge maturity, you’ll need to look at the glandular heads (trichomes) under magnification (60x min). The tiny, mushroom-shaped glands, give the buds and some leaves the frosty appearance. They also contain most of the cannabinoids we want. The ratio of clear to cloudy to amber trichomes indicates maturity.

It varies plant to plant and person to person, but most plants seem to be more cerebral when trichomes are mostly cloudy, and more sedative when the ratio skews amber.


Your at least a month out, all your pistols are still clear.
But could go longer hard to know an exact date as others said

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Thank you for all replies, I was thinking it would be at least Christmas before it’s ready. We are looking at having days head towards 40c (104f) is this something I need to worry about?

@Markk Since you have them in pots and if you are worried about the high heat, bring the girls indoors.

Personally it may not be an issue because you have to remember they are growing marijuana in Pakistan and Afghanistan which is hotter than hell.

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Yeah true, I have every intention of making sure they are undercover when the storms come through. I will be pushing them as long as I can as this is for my wifes chronic pain relief so the more body sedation I can get out of it the better.

Ended up harvesting at Christmas, got 27.3 grams once it was dry, very happy with it for a first try. Got a blue berry that sprouted 2 weeks ago that I will try LST on to see if I can get a bit more volume.


An Oz for your first that’s good!
This was my first lol, now I’m averaging about 4oz per plant in 11 weeks from seed pop to harvest date.

Be sure to cure it for at least 2 weeks minium, ideally 2 months is the earliest I’ll touch mine now.

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