First time grow Northern Lights auto and blueberry auto


Congratulations on your harvest, and have a happy birthday!


Thanks a bunch @raustin :v:


Happy day happy day!! I’ll try to update later. Started my morning care for my girls. Had my music playing ( as always :dancer: ) and a song I used to sing often came on. Such a happy song for me now. I’m not in that boat anymore. My boat is much greener now. And stems get pulverized and put in the butter pot. Have a good one y’all :v::green_heart:


It has been a busy week. Time for a little update.
Here is Sunshine

I have been low stress training her…obviously :joy:
Look at how short and bushy she is. Here’s a peak under her canopy

Here is Daydream

That last was her top bud that I jarred up today :yum:.
She is the amnesia haze autoflower that I harvested all the top buds off of 6 days ago. Thought I would let the little ones grow a bit more. Just jarred the tops up for cure after drying the past 6 days. Tried hard to slow down my dry time. In the past they have been dry and jar ready in 4 days. I managed to slow it to 6. Just tried a little sample and I’m very impressed!
She’s drinking less so nothing today. Tomorrow she’ll be ready for water.
So I’m currently feeding Sunshine, the Northern Lights autoflower. She’s 11 weeks old. Her slurry was pH of 6.63, TDS -396, EC-792. ( Not the temp but EC :rofl: )
So she is getting a gallon with 1 tsp of grow big, 1 tsp tiger bloom, 1 TBSP Big Bloom, an 1/2 tsp Beastie Bloomz. pH 6.47 TDS- 1600, EC-3182. Still feeding so I’ll add her run offs in a bit
I had my light a little to low and she got squatty. I’m still a newbie and always learning but that’s my thoughts. She looks like some of the scrogs I’ve seen on here but without the net :rofl: I think I’m doing ok with my low stress training. I am wondering if I should clean up under her canopy a bit since she’s so dang bushy? Any thoughts @MattyBear @raustin @blackthumbbetty

My run offs from above feed.
pH 6.51 ( yay, I’m getting better at PHing :rofl: )
Tds 1677 EC 3354. Still getting the hang of that.
This is how I have to feed her with her being a squatty bushy girl. :rofl: download


Yes, she does look scrogged. It probably couldn’t hurt to defoliate under the canopy a little bit. Those leaves aren’t getting any light. She looks great.


Thanks @raustin. I’m slowly getting the hang of it. I will be working on that a little at a time for a few days. I’m thinking if I do a little every day she won’t notice so much :+1: your help through my grows is very appreciated!


Yeah, I agree. If the lower leaves and branches aren’t getting light they are just stealing energy that could be used fattening up the upper stuff :v:


That was my thoughts too @MattyBear. Thanks for your input :v:


Oh my, it’s been 13 days since my last update. Sunshine and daydream are doing great. Daydream had her top buds harvested 20 days ago. I am amazed at how the little popcorn buds have grown. She’s ready to finish harvest but I need to wait until next Thursday …for smell purposes :rofl:

I’m just giving her PH’d well water. Her slurry TDS was down to 118. That’s pretty low considering my well water alone TDS runs 250 ppm. If needed, I’ll take her before next week. I don’t want all amber. She’s a sativa and I like that day time energetic, creative buzz she gives me.
Here is my 2 day older sunshine
Yesterday her slurry pH was perfect at 6.48 she must have ate well because her TDS was 260 and EC 518. She was fed 1/2 tsp Cha Ching 1 TBSP Big Bloom and 1 tsp tiger bloom ph’d to 6.5 TDS 1398, EC 2692. Run offs were great. Hard to believe she’s 2 days older. She’s still got a while yet. Smells heavenly! Happy growing everyone and a happy morning to ya’ :v:


And how could I forget!! Well, I didn’t forget. Just got distracted is all :joy: . There’s been a new germination. Another blueberry autoflower. She’s going to be a loner so she’ll be getting my full attention.

I’ll be starting a new grow journal with her.


I don’t know how I missed this tag! So sorry! Looks like you’re all good, though.


All is well with my girls. Northern lights autoflower is very hungry and bulking up nicely. The buds are very tight and firm. Her total height is 9"".

Look how fat her trunk is!

I’m really noticing the difference in the smell between her and the amnesia haze. The Northern Lights smells very piney and earthy. She is smelling wonderful. Amnesia haze is more on the skunky with a sort of citrus like aroma. Amnesia haze will be harvested Friday morning. She’s is done( tops were harvested already) I’d say her popcorn buds filled out nicely and I’m glad I decided to let them grow.

As soon as these 2 girls are done, the new blueberry autoflower will be moving into the tent. She will have the lights, tent and my attention all to herself. I started a new grow journal for her.
:green_heart: :v: keep on keeping on, and keep on growing, that’s my plan


You started a new journal? Could you put a link here, please?


My new grow, new journal


@raustin…I hope I did that link right. I’ve never attached a link :grin: this forum stuff is new to me. Pretty bad at typing too :joy:
Edit must have worked, I justreceived a new badge for it :v:


You did it, thanks. Now we can all find your new journal.


happy to have you along. You all have been great at teaching me and I’m still always learning more.


I have been playing around with a couple new toys I bought for my camera, a set of macro extension tubes and a ring light so I can get better close ups. Here’s some trichome porn from the amnesia Haze

She is looking mighty frosty :grinning:


Very nice pics!


Congrats on the multiple harvests jewels. That amnesia looks mouthwatering! Well done