First time grow Northern Lights auto and blueberry auto


Which is why you should be in a bigger pot you set your self up for the issue when using small pots buddy if you size potd properly you don’t the issue is sll im trying to say


Lol. That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Too small of a pot to me is rootbound. No other reason to need a bigger pot.


In your case aith a sog you probably need to feed more often since oots are so small

But I don’t feel it a issue here bro
Have a great day :v:️Im out


No I don’t either once I found out they were in 3 gallons


well being autoflower, Im not sure I should attempt a transplant into larger. I will definitely start using 5 gallons on future grow. I do know my previous grows, the 3 gallons pots were full of roots so root bound could be an issue. Thanks @blackthumbbetty for the RO system info. That purchase will happen before my next grow and i think I will be able to better stabilize my ph and be able to read my TDS an EC numbers better. (Something I am still learning)


I was feeding every other watering. So maybe I should feed at every water from here on out? If i would have chose to feed yesterday instead of watering I would have woke up to green leaves instead of yellow.


My supply list for my next grow is getting larger, lol…5 gallon pots, ro system, QB lights ( might try to do a self build to save $) and a better ph pen…I’ve been eye balling the apera. Hopefully I can keep these 2 going until harvest. I was wanting to attempt a scrog but i think I need to become a better grower before tackling something new. The LST has gone pretty well on the Northern lights. I had also thought about photo plants instead of autoflower but i don’t want to wait 6+ months to kill it when I can do it in 3 lol. I’ll stick with autos for now and hopefully I’ll be getting better at it.


You’re doing a great job, don’t get frustrated.


thanks @raustin I appreciate the encouragement and confidence. I am constantly reading and learning. It is frustrating to be doing a happy dance one day with the plants looking good and wake up to yellowing plants the next. I will not give up though, I learn best by experience so eventually, I will get it right. :v:


I get what your saying and it makes sense. Hopefully the next grow in 5 gallon pots will go much smoother.


You can cut the bottom of your pot, and maybe carefully cut a few slashes in the sides (to be buried), then pop that bad girl on top of/slightly into an almost filled larger pot.


Update on the girls. I managed to pick up some FF open sesame. They were out of beastie bloomz and Cha ching darn it. I was hoping to add those to my FF basic trio. Couldn’t find a larger cloth pot but I’m ordering some online :+1: .
This morning Northern lights auto slurry PH 6.18 tds 0196 EC 21.0. I fed her 1/4 tsp of open sesame since she is at the beginning of her flower phase. 2TBSP FFBB, 1/2 tsp FFTB per gallon. PH’d at 6.6 TDS 835, EC 20.4. she drank a little over 3 quarts and her run off PH was 6.75 TDS 1105, EC 19.8. Here is her picture after feeding and pulling the yellow leaves that would easily come off. I didn’t do any LST on her today. I’ve tortured her enough for now and didn’t want to put anymore stress on her

Amnesia Haze autoflower also was fed. Wish I could have found some Cha Ching for her. Her 24hour slurry PH 6.10 TDS 938, EC 21.2…not liking that PH :disappointed: She was fed 4 TBSP FFBB, 2tsp FFTB per gallon, PH 6.7 TDS 1413, EC 20.0. she drank 3 quarts. Her running offs were PH 6.67, TDS 1600 EC 19.6 I also pulled some easy pull yellow leaves off her. I’m still learning pH balancing and applying TDS EC to learn when and amount to feed.

@blackthumbbetty @raustin @Justgrowin

I have a couple questions If anyone can help me out.

  1. With my TDS on the NL auto, her TDS with the slurry was pretty low at 0196, I fed her a TDS of 835 and her run off TDS is 1105. Is the higher run off TDS due to salt, plant waste running off or what? I would have thought run off would be lower if she’s hungry? Amnesia Haze auto also had higher TDS run off than slurry and feeding.
  2. On my EC both plants the slurry was higher than what I fed her and the runoff. The run offs were lower than what I fed her so that is because they were hungry?
    I’m just trying to understand it all and apply it.
  3. My PH was low with Slurry and I bumped them both up with the feed to decent run off. So my question is on the slurry. I used distilled water but I don’t pH it. Should I be adjusting pH to neutral 7 prior to making my slurry?


If your TDS readings are higher coming out it means your Ph is off and you’ve got nute lockout, so the plant can’t eat what you’re giving it. Thre numbers should be lower coming out, that means they’re eating and your Ph is good.

I don’t think you should adjust ph when doing a slurry test. The distilled water should be pretty close to 7.


So my low slurry pH in both girls locked out some major nutes. Hopefully it’s stable now. I have a heck of a time keeping it balanced. Thanks for the info @raustin.


Look how my Northern light auto perked up. 1st pic is tonight. She looks so much better. 2nd pic’s from this morning before feeding her. Off you zoom in she’s the droopy one in the back.

I think I’ve peaked in on the girls at least 100 times today :joy: :v:


Decided to work a little more on Northern lights auto LST. She’s coming along nicely. I’m anxious to see how big her buds will get. There are a bunch. Yesterday she had her first feeding of open sesame. Hopefully her pH is good so she can enjoy it. We’ll find that out tomorrow

Amnesia Haze auto looks like she is fattening and frosting up nicely. Let’s hope I don’t kill her between now and harvest. I’m thinking she’s still got about 2-3 weeks left.

Have a great one all and thanks for keeping us growing :v:


Looks and sounds like lock out so good flush with plain water then next feeding do half str nutes then go full feeding after that ph is a real bully to plants and nutes it needs to be as close to perfect as you can get. Also good advice from @raustin also this late in the grow there will be some leaf drop off and color change the buds look good tho so don’t stress to much on it you are looking good


Y’all wanna hear a newbie funny? My EC has been incorrect all along because once I put on my reading glasses I could see that I was actually reading degrees in Celsius…yep the
temperature :joy::joy: guess I needed to hit the shift buttun to get my EC. So from now on I’ll know but I didn’t figure it out until after recording my #s and dumping my slurry and run offs. I’m happy to report my pH is still under control. That’s quite an accomplishment for me :+1:
Wednesday they had a dose of FF sledgehammer. And a flush. First time I’ve used it. Their pH stayed stable at 6.5. Today they had a 1/4 strength feeding. Both girls got big bloom and tiger bloom. Northern lights autoflower had some open sesame and amnesia haze autoflower had some Cha Ching. So happy I managed to find some Cha Ching. Couldn’t find the Beastie bloom yet. NL will be needing it soon. Probably have to get it on Amazon. My run off ph’s we’re both 6.5 TDS was still a little high on AH. Tds in was around 1000 and run off in the 800’s. She took a whole gallon today though. NL TDS was good. Around 1000 in and 400’s run off. First pic is both girls. The other pics are amnesia haze. Happy growing y’all :v: :green_heart:


Update on my girls Amnesia Haze is was last fed 6days ago. She’s had nothing but water since. Today she had sledgehammer in 1 gallon and a 3 gallon flush at pH of 6.5. run off TDS was just over 400. In the early am before lights, I’m going to take her big tops and leave the little’s to see if they can get a little further . Here she is. Amnesia Haze autoflower. Born July 13



Hard to believe she is 2 days younger that the northern lights autoflower. Here is a comparison of the buds. Northern lights in back and one of the lower smaller buds of amnesia haze in front
Here is the Northern Lights autoflower I’ve been low stress training. Amazing how many buds she’s gorgeous. I’m hoping they grow big. She received her first dose of FFBeastie Bloomz today. Her pH is still stable at 6.58 and I’m a happy grower. ![20180921_123930|690x335]


Couldn’t have gotten this far with out everyone’s help. I appreciate you all :v:


It’s a fine morning in the green jewels household. I was up early before lights, harvesting all the tops from amnesia haze autoflower. Want to see if the smaller lower buds will grow a bit more

Here she is after having her top buds removed

And here is northern lights autoflower. Looks like she is enjoying her first feed with Beastie Bloomz I gave her yesterday. Have some friends coming later to celebrate my birthday with me . Happy harvest birthday weekend for me for sure. Happy weekend and happy growing to y’all :v:. :green_heart: And thanks again for all the help getting me to a nice size stash of past grows, blueberry autoflower×2 Northern lights, and now my second amnesia haze. I’ve come a long way with everyone’s great advice.