First time grow Northern Lights auto and blueberry auto


8 weeks in flower


Just bring him in with the plants! He’s a good guy. He may be super creepy and scary but he’s on your side.

I hate bugs, like a phobia or something. If you wanna see a 240 pound bald white guy freak out come at me with a stick bug. Fair warning, somebody’s liable to get hurt.


@Filthyhat he is a good bug but I left the him outside, he would starve in my tent, lol. I’ll make sure he stays put and doesn’t come scare you. I’d hate for someone to get hurt​:joy: :v: She’s all moved in. I have her in the tent by herself under quarantine until I’m certain she has no fungus. The other younger girls are in a temporary home for now until I can move them back in the tent.


@Filthyhat lol I’m like that with spiders I stoped my truck in mid of road and got out till my wife got it out of the truck I did t think it was funny and my wife couldnt stop laughing at me


@BigDaddyCain, thanks for the morning laugh. My boyfriend is that way with snakes. Once when we were mushroom hunting, I yelled snake. He jumped and ran off screaming like a girl. I laughed so hard…he was a little upset with me when I said just kidding.


@GreenJewels tell him I feel his pain… and your mean lol funny but mean.


Ya, he said I was mean but he failed to see the humor :joy:


All three girls are happy with sharing the tent. Harriett, is auto amnesia haze. She is 60 days old today. She moved indoors 5 days ago. I’ve checked her thoroughly daily for bugs and fungus while she was in isolation. She looks great so I moved her little sisters back in their tent. Sunshine is a Northern lights autoflower. She’s 33days old. Her slightly younger sister Daydream an amnesia haze autoflower, she’s 31 days old. Both had their first feeding of FF Grow Big and Big Bloom at 1/4 strength. They have been happy with their Happy Frog soil so far.
Here is Harriett, the oldest.

Sunshine started LST today

Here Sunshine is on the left and Daydream is on the right

Daydream is taller then her chubby 2 day older sister. Happy growing :v::heart:


Yesterday was pH water for both and some more LST for sunshine. Big sister Harriett is taking in a little less now. She had nutes 2 days ago. Figured she’d need some pH water today but she’s still a little damp a knuckle down. They are all happy and looking great :v:


Check out the weird j leaf. The rest on her are normal. She’s healthy so I’m not worried. Just thought it was cool. My name starts with j so maybe she’s letting me know how good she’s going to work for me :slightly_smiling_face: :v:


On a good note, my very first Amnesia Haze is getting close to harvest. She’s the one I had to bring indoors about 2 weeks ago due to high humidity. Lost the big buds off my blueberry due to bud rot outdoors. Well no fungus among us, but I do have spider mites :frowning: I now need to figure out what would be best to kill them on all 3 in the tent. I’m sure there are some on the 2 little girls if I looked hard enough.
I remember reading food grade DE? would work but I’m not sure about on the flowers. Here are some pics

Only one of the 2 younger girls are flowering. Any suggestions would be appreciated. In the meantime, I’m going to keep searching. I think @latewood was who may have posted about DE and mites?
I’ll get through this bump too. Here’s pics of the 2 smaller ones I need to treat also 20180821_082626|374x500


Well this is what I have coming to help me combat the spider mites.

Hopefully it’s effective


If you do not want to use DE an edible product, then I suggest you read up
on insecticidal soaps, and/or pepper sprays. Best to make your own pepper
spray from scratch instead of buying some. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’m glad they are the garden variety and not as hard to kill as the red ones. I think I’ll try the tobacco/ pepper recipe I found in here. I’m sticking to indoor also :v:


Oh poor Harriett, I’m sorry my inexperience has turned your lush green beauty into this.

I remember the day you were born.

I killed your poor sister when I dropped her on her head.:cry:
I tried to give you a good life.
Gave you support when you needed it.

Once you were older, I thought you would enjoy the outdoor life in the flower garden with your older sister

Little did I know, big sis had bud rott hidden deep in her big, sticky, fat luscious buds. Oh how I longed to smoke them. Luckily, I had decided to move you a little closer to me by the porch a week prior to the devastating, heartbreaking day I discovered big sisters bud rott. The reason I moved you was because It was so hot and humid, I couldn’t keep the bugs off of your pretty green leaves. I would put a fan on you to cool you off in the heat of the day and make it harder for bugs to land on you. Little did I know, I was helping prevent bud rot on you with the fan…dumb luck :joy:
Here you are safer from bugs in your new home on my potting bench

I had treated you with neam to kill any bugs.
Soon, I noticed you had a good bug hanging out on your leaves.

Once the dreaded bud rot was discovered, I had given up on outdoor growing in my area at certain times of year. I knew you would never make it outdoors in August. The humidity was way to high and the rain kept coming. You are a strain that’s for the more experienced and I was already pushing my luck. ILGM also warned me that indoors was better for your strain. I had already known high humidity was bad for buds but this year it was worse than normal. Many lessons learned. Well anyway, here you are! All moved (quarantined) into the tent. I had to move your two little sisters out until I could make sure you were fungus and bug free.

I failed at that badly. I looked over all your leaves daily and smashed any bug I found…well not the praying mantis :+1: He’s outside still :slightly_smiling_face:.

I thought we had squashed them all. So we moved your sisters back in.
Silly me, I didn’t think to break out the loupe and look close up.
Turns out I had spider mites :tired_face:

So you received a good wash down, some captain Jack’s dead bug sprayed on your leaves, blown dry with a fan and DE applied to your leaves.

I repeated it in 3 days and then in 4 days washed you off again and blew you dry. I gave your sisters the same treatment. Oh boy have I learned some good lessons.
Well that was a week ago. Now you seem to be bug free. Never did find any on your sisters but I keep looking. Now your looking pretty ragged and torn. Your pH is out of whack :disappointed_relieved:

You’ll be ready for harvest soon. Your trichimomes were cloudy with a few amber so I drilled you ( too chicken to split you) 3 days ago. I figured at this point, might as well try it since I’ve been wanting to try it. Sorry I abused you as I did. It was all a great learning experience. Your bud I took and sampled was surprisingly good. Soon you will be harvested. In the future, I’m sticking to indoor grows.


Awwwwe, I love your tale. You’ll smoke her soon enough.


When I read you had brought your outdoor plants into your indoor grow space, I cringed and immediately worried about bugs infesting your indoor grow. For future grows, remember that once a cannabis plant goes outside, it never comes back inside, unless it’s jarred & ready to smoke.

Drying that outdoor plant in your indoor grow space was probably the beginning of your mite problem, followed by bringing in that outdoor ah.

I hope as I read on, you’ll have gotten the bugs under control.


It was a dumb move. I never even take my house plants outside because I don’t want to drag bugs in the house. From now on, I’m sticking to indoor grows. I’ll be bug bombing my basement after these 3 are harvested. Unfortunately,I tend to learn things the hard way sometimes. Not giving up though :v:


Never give up!


Good morning everyone :v: :coffee: I’m getting prepped for the harvest. I only have the one tent ( I will have 2 eventually, along with one of those QB boards I keep seeing and dreaming about and another exhaust fan) For now I have no way to dry my near future harvest of Harriett. I had used my tent and my canning closet in the past but my teenage son is home from his dad’s now so that’s not an option due to the lovely aroma. My tent has the 2 other girls, so that’s not an option. So anyway, I made a drying tub. I’ve attached a vent hose I had lying around from a portable ac unit I don’t use anymore. The vent hose runs into the top of my tent right next to my exhaust fan. I used smoke to make sure I would have some air pull through the tub but not to much pull. I can adjust the pull off air if needed. It stays dark in that corner of my basement unless I’m down there with the plants. There are a few holes I drilled in the back side of the tub so light won’t shine on that side. I’m hoping it works. The humidity is 51% at the moment. So here it is, what do y’all think? Ya think it will work out?

Happy growing and happy harvest to y’all :slightly_smiling_face: