First time grow Northern Lights auto and blueberry auto


8 weeks in flower


Just bring him in with the plants! He’s a good guy. He may be super creepy and scary but he’s on your side.

I hate bugs, like a phobia or something. If you wanna see a 240 pound bald white guy freak out come at me with a stick bug. Fair warning, somebody’s liable to get hurt.


@Filthyhat he is a good bug but I left the him outside, he would starve in my tent, lol. I’ll make sure he stays put and doesn’t come scare you. I’d hate for someone to get hurt​:joy: :v:️ She’s all moved in. I have her in the tent by herself under quarantine until I’m certain she has no fungus. The other younger girls are in a temporary home for now until I can move them back in the tent.


@Filthyhat lol I’m like that with spiders I stoped my truck in mid of road and got out till my wife got it out of the truck I did t think it was funny and my wife couldnt stop laughing at me


@BigDaddyCain, thanks for the morning laugh. My boyfriend is that way with snakes. Once when we were mushroom hunting, I yelled snake. He jumped and ran off screaming like a girl. I laughed so hard…he was a little upset with me when I said just kidding.


@GreenJewels tell him I feel his pain… and your mean lol funny but mean.


Ya, he said I was mean but he failed to see the humor :joy:


All three girls are happy with sharing the tent. Harriett, is auto amnesia haze. She is 60 days old today. She moved indoors 5 days ago. I’ve checked her thoroughly daily for bugs and fungus while she was in isolation. She looks great so I moved her little sisters back in their tent. Sunshine is a Northern lights autoflower. She’s 33days old. Her slightly younger sister Daydream an amnesia haze autoflower, she’s 31 days old. Both had their first feeding of FF Grow Big and Big Bloom at 1/4 strength. They have been happy with their Happy Frog soil so far.
Here is Harriett, the oldest.

Sunshine started LST today

Here Sunshine is on the left and Daydream is on the right

Daydream is taller then her chubby 2 day older sister. Happy growing :v:️:heart:️


Yesterday was pH water for both and some more LST for sunshine. Big sister Harriett is taking in a little less now. She had nutes 2 days ago. Figured she’d need some pH water today but she’s still a little damp a knuckle down. They are all happy and looking great :v:


Check out the weird j leaf. The rest on her are normal. She’s healthy so I’m not worried. Just thought it was cool. My name starts with j so maybe she’s letting me know how good she’s going to work for me :slightly_smiling_face: :v: