First time grow needing advice on a lot

Thanks begin with I apologise for all the pictures.

This is my alien rock Krishna taken today. The clawing leaves and yellow tips started yesterday after being watered. I believe this is either light , wind, or nitrogen burn.( Side note I have 3 plants all Indica cream sickle og in the back left and krunk juice back right alien the front all three show symptoms alien being worse then cream and krunk)

This was Wednesday day before watering on Thursday. Here is friday after the watering.

The next one is pic of my gf and I journal we keep of what we do it is about Thursday the day I watered and the nutrients and oh of tap water. Also while watering I misted the plants themselves lightly with distilled water ( no real reason why I just did ). I am growing bin Coco coir and something I noticed when I water is I don’t have to water a whole lot to get it nice and soaked I have pushed my finger relatively deep into the soil and it was wet just curious if the light watering is normal.

I added the cal mag experimenting

Lastly this is the EC, ppm and soil temp taken today honestly I don’t really understand EC and ppm or know if there accurate the probe is as far down as it is suppose to go and as I pressed it into soil the number kept increasing the soil pH is around 7 the meter I have for this one I don’t know it works or not honestly I bought everything new but still I have no doubt about my water pH meter and it’s reading and am mostly confused on the TDS and EC meter

Sorry for the insanely long post just trying to be detailed any and all advice on my plants is greatly appreciated :blush: also watered again this morning with distilled water pH at 6

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Wow, where to start.

In the journal/notes there it says ph was adjusted to 3.8, why? pH for coco is 5.8.

Also, that’s not how to use a TDS meter, it’s used on the water/nute mix or runoff, not plunged into the soil.


With the TDS I misunderstood the instruction and like I said don’t really understand it thank you for correcting me as with the pH everything I’ve read says to pH your water before watering unless I misunderstood again. Here is the exact brand of Coco soil I’m using

I’m pretty sure the pH meter I have is broken but it said my Coco coir was at 7 when I transplanted them checked again today still at 7

EC is just another method to measure the total dissolve solids or TDS in a liquid. I know ppm so let’s look at that measurement. If you check plan tap water your ppm may be 250. When you add your nutrients it may go to 600 when you are in veg in flower you may find it rises to 900 depending on your nutrient line. This number basically tells you how heavy you are feeding the plants. After you mix your nutrients into the water test your pH. I’ve @Hellraiser said I think 5.8 is the sweet spot for coco. You may have to adjust your nutrients up or down to get to 5.8.

One method to figure out the ph of your soil and to determine if the plants are eating is to measure your run off. If you measure your run off and it is a higher or lower then you can adjust with your next feeding. Say your run off is 7 then feed with a ph of say 6 this will help bring the ph of the soil down. Same with checking your ppm of the run off. If you are constantly feeding at 700 ppm and you measure the run off and it is 300, perfect they are eating just fine. On the other hand if you measure the ppm and they are 2000 you have issues and they are not eating.

Hope this helps and you did not fall asleep getting through this, the chart below will help. Coco is considered hydroponic on this table.



Thank you that helps a lot and also answers my watering question I haven’t been adding enough water to create runoff currently they are in plastic pots but once bigger will be transplanted to growbags my next question is should I water my plants again today with just distilled water until I get runoff out the bottom of the pot and test the run off also from the pictures shown above are you able to tell why my leave are curl under

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Typically when leaves curl under it is the beginning of nitrogen toxicity. Meaning they have too much nitrogen for the stage they are in. I’ve never grown in coco lets see if we can get some more help. @imSICKkid can you help this new grower with some coco questions. This is a good grower who uses coco and kills it. He should be able to help. Sorry I just don’t have the experience, I’ll stick around to learn with you and help with any other questions you may have.


Thank you very much so far it’s been very exciting waking up and checking to see their progress after the light has been off


I agree their growth some days amazes me.

Are you trying to stick your meters into the pots of coco? If so then you are doing it incorrectly. The meters read the water that you mix for them or the runoff water that comes out the bottom. As stated above, your ph needs to be between 5.8 and 6.0. For feeding them, you should have the feed schedule that comes with the nutrients your using.

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I would suggest mixing up a batch of nutrients big enough to give them around a gallon each so you can get the root zone back into check. Ph should be 6 and probably around 400 to 500 ppm

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@Hellraiser informed I was doing it incorrectly and I will make up a nutrients batch the chart says 2 tsp of big bloom and 1 of grow big per gallon of water for hydroponics I’m using fox farm nutrients so I’ve definitely used to much when made it up last time and have been watering to little since I never see any run off


With coco you always want around 15 to 20% runoff. Doing that will help you with salt build up in the coco. The FF line has a couple flushes in it because of the salt build up using their product.


Thanks for jumping in @imSICKkid.

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Sorry for the late reply I guess your limited to how many reply on your first day but I did as you recommended my alien rock Krishna is still a bit curled but the other two are happy and healthy looking going to give 4-5 days before watering again when the pot is nice and light would you recommend I just you plain tap water or use distilled or purified I read in couple different place that the water you use maters thanks l you very much for the help @imSICKkid @Bubblehead

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