First time grow low pressure aeroponic

Hello all. First time indoor grower. So naturally I decided to build my own low pressure aeroponic system. I am using two reservoirs. One res hold the nutes and gets pumped into the second res essentially spraying the roots of the plants, which are being held on top of the second res. It then drains back into the first res. I’ll include pictures.

I am finally overcoming nutrient solution problems and ph problems. But plants are still stunted. I keep the room at 75 F and have RH of 45. And I am using 250w HPS as well as 900W LED

Do you think some problems are attributed to the fact that I am using rockwool and hydroton in a grow net?? Would that be holding too much water for watering frequency? I would like to run 1 minute on/ 60 minutes off. But it seems that they are being overwatered and droopy. Any advice would help.

My system runs 1 minute on, 14 minutes off. But I only use hydroton. The rockwool could be holding too much water against the roots and its suffocating. Getting those nutes and ph fixed is a good start. If you can, you might carefully chip away some of the rockwool.
I’ve read posts, with similar questions and pictures. And that’s usually the advice. But I’m sure someone with a little more experience will speak up eventually.
Best of luck to you.

Thank you very much. I will try that.

I would get your Rh up to 55-70 RH while in veg. Rockwool will hold water. I had the same issue when I done aeroponics while using root riots. Dont know how your set up either high pressure or low pressure. but I always ran mine at 5 seconds mist and off for 5 minutes using 50 micron nozzles at 5.8 to 5.9 ph

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Thank you. I am running a low pressure system. I chipped away at as much rockwool without damaging too many roots. Hopefully in a few days the plants will heal from it.