First Time Grow Looking for tips pls :)

Hi everyone I just purchased 5 GSC autos here and started building my tent. I went with the ac infinity 4x4 with the clodline t6. I also purchased the mars hydro fc 3000. My question is ive been seeing a lot of setups with humidity tank and dehumidifiers and ones without them. What would be the ideal items for this setup? I will be running it in my basement probably on the 20/4 7 days a week light cycle. Will what I have be enough or should I add a hum/dehumid to the tent as well. Also when you purchase seeds from ilgm do they include a guide on when to do what with each strain or do I just follow a basic time line for auto flowers?


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There is no “formula” but with all the help you can get here, you will learn to “read” your plants and they will tell you when to do what.


Hi and welcome to the forum @nopuffgabe . My grow is in the basement as well and in a Gorilla tent. If you have a thermometer with a humidity gauge on it that would help let you know how the grow is doing. For example at the start of my grow the humidity was always around 55% and I didn’t have to do anything but as the plants got bigger and I switched from LED to HPS lights (and in the summer) I did require air conditioning and dehumidifier (the portable AC does both). Now that the temps are down again where I live, and my girls are in the last 3 weeks of flower, I run my dehumidifier to prevent mold forming in my buds. In the winter my basement is hella dry so I might have to get a humidifier for the seedlings. It will be easier to know what you need if you have the thermometer/humidity gauge, a worthy investment if you don’t yet have one.


Thank you for the tips. Do you have any suggestions for one I could buy? The ac infinity fan seems to do a pretty good job regulating in the tent but im sure adding in a hum/dehum would be very helpful as well.

Most pots grow pretty much exactly the same just different leaf structures , jacks 321 takes most of the guesswork out of the minor nutrient differences .in wintertime you pretty much have to run a humidifier 24/7 , the heating dries the air out to much and having a big dehumidifier is great for you drying room in summer and fall time. Toppin makes a good humidifier that lasted about a full year of constant use before it broke( perfect for autos since it has a light that would stress out photos). My best advice is half saturate you’re medium, soak your seeds for 24 hours in a water solution with 15% hydrogen peroxide, plant them 1 finger nail deep seed sideways, dome them and 3 sprays twice a day.


Welcome to the forum this is a great place. I’m new and have learned so much from all these great people. Im doing 3 GSCX autos from ILGMA too, 10 weeks from sprout. Like said, new so probably messed them up but 2 on outside probably 4 more weeks, and 1 in middle ? So no time line, but wants you get started you learn as you go. In a cellar running 6 inch duct work from dehumidifier to tent to help, with heat and humidity. Just have a good thermometer, I have 2 in my tent cause I’m crazy. Placed in 2 different places. Good luck tag, ask questions, this place is great, good luck


When you water your plants, the humidity will increase. And when your plants grow Large too. You need a Dehumidifier for sure. When the humidity drops super low, you can just add a bowl of water, or mist your plants or water.


I was looking to buy this one for my 4x4:

Currently in my tent I have the carbon filter, the t6, and the exhaust leading out of my tent. This is in my basement which is pretty cool year round 60-75 degrees, what should I be using to bring in air to the tent aside from have a fan inside of it?

I bought that it’s terrible don’t buy it get a proper 60-100 dollar one


This was the other one I was looking at:

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Trust me freind you will regret it if you don’t get one with 1 gal tank at least, and one that reads the humidity and cuts on and off with what you set it at.
That is unless you have all the time to check on your grow multiple times a day to make sure it’s in a good range.
Being in a basement, it is possible you don’t need a humidifier and may need a dehumidifier.
Basements can be naturally super high humidity.
You may have said all ready but what is the humidity normally in your basement?
If it’s regularly 80% or more then you probably want ever need a humidifier and would need a dehumidifier…

But you can find some for $60 and up.

Also you want an “ultrasonic” humidifier unless you plan to use distilled or RO water through it.
An ultrasonic will not “vaporize” the minerals in say tap water, and they want end up in your experience carbon filter…

But you got this, you can grow with or with out either but we all want to do the best we can. So just read around on the forum and you’ll figure out what is best for your grow…


And of course reach out and ask away.
Sorry I didn’t mean to make that seem like you should just read and learn :man_facepalming:.
I’m not an expert though many others here are but I know a thing or two if I can help I will… :grin:

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Is the area your grow is completely enclosed or part of a larger open floor plan? How many external openings do you have in the grow area? Getting in enough air (1000s cu ft per hour) with a carbon filtration system is possible but we’re gonna need more info first to give some ideas.
My grow area is a separate cellar in the basement, so I had to make a unique double door system to have air flow in while keeping the area secure so I wouldnt get a huge negative pressure situation. I have no issues with odors in the living areas and the unique set up had to be designed to my specific situation.
I have a dehumidifier I bought at menards in the cellar now and it is a one gallon reservoir. Works just fine. I empty it twice a day. It does have a hose hookup in the back so it can also go straight to a drain if available.

For the humidity stuff, I would recommend getting one of these,

6 liter capacity so you don’t have to fill as often. Also has adjustable settings.

And one of these, coupled with a dehumidifier.
Inkbird Digital Pre-Wired Outlet Dual Stage Humidity Controller IHC-200 for Mushroom Ventilator Fan Crawl Space Curing Meat Grow Room Tent Humidifier Dehumidifier

Doing it with the IHC-200 gives you a single controller that will turn on/off the humidifier/dehumidifier automatically.

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When ur doin seedlings u need a humidifier and for veg stage a dehumidifier is good for flowering stage when u want ur humidity down


Thank you, I’ll be buying that one this week. The humidity controller I’ve seen on a lot of YouTube channels and it looks very convenient.


Can you guys take a look at these pics and let me know if my ac infinity is to far away or not close enough to the back of the tent ? I’ve seen some have it in the middle above their light and others behind it. Should I move it back or keep it as is? I’m going to be installing my fc 3000 today.


If it were me I would have my intake on the bottom of the tent. If you leave that port open, your just going to suck external air immediately right through the filter which will do nothing for your plants.

Either use ports located on the bottom of the tent for intake, or use a vent to go from an upper port to a lower position in the tent to funnel intake air to the bottom of the tent. @nopuffgabe


Welcome to the community. :+1::+1::+1: