First time grow... looking for tips as I go

Hello I am bluedonut09. Call me blue!

I am a first time grower and started as a hobby and to test my green thumb.

I am growing 3 plants
1000 watt led controllable grow light
Home made 3x 3x7 grow tent
Blue haze is the Strain( bought from ilgm)
All three germinated in less than 48 hours.
I planted in small planter

all three sprouted within 2 days

5 day

Day 7-8 ish

Day 12
Had to transplant them last night as the roots started growing out the bottoms of planters (note to self: use next size planters to give plants longer before transplant)
I also ran out of soil so one plant is in a smaller planter and will have to be transplanted again.

Only concern in my inexperience is the small amount of darkening on the base of the new leaves. I don’t think it’s anything but just paranoid.

PleAse comment and tell me at anytime during my growing If you see anything wrong or something you would do differently !!


Did you mean 1000 w led??? 100 w is pretty minimal!!! Hey again donut…lol I see you.

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So there’s no confusion btw…not for seedlings it isn’t!!!

Yea 1000 watt.

Lol maybe I have a really good novist trick to grow a full cycle on 100! Haha that would be great

I slapped my head … programmable 100 watt LED…oh my!!

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Those look pretty nice…

I like what i am seeing, great start! Keep up the good work, listen too the plants :wink:

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Nice job so far! That Blue Haze will rock your world haha!

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I’m also running my first grow. Looks great to me. Enjoy the process, and the forum. There are some extremely helpful posts, and some really cool people who are passionate about what they do. Good luck with everything. I’m pretty much a noob here, but if you can, take pictures with a normal light so the pros here can better identify issues if you have questions. :sun_with_face::sweat_drops::herb::pray::+1::dash::saxophone::guitar::heart:


Hey blue welcome to the community I think your plants look great keep up the good work. Happy growing

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Lol yea I seen that . I tried to reply after but the forum locked me out of posting for 24 hours

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Keep posting and your trust level will go up. It’s an anti spam-bot-interweb-thing haha.


After getting frustrated, I found the explanation of the different trust levels. That helped to clarify a lot


Welcome to forum! Please feel free to ask any questions. Stupid questions are the ones not asked. Pretty girls!!!

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Why arernt you at church Grem!!

Yo @Bluedonut09, I found your journal and I’m rooting for s big harvest of some sweet sweet smoke for you lol. Good luck :cowboy_hat_face: grem



Regina was trying to slouch and had to stick her.

#2 plant is my biggest but I still think these should be a bit bigger at this stage.

3 plant is still my runt. She isn’t growing much

I really have not been monitoring my humidity . I do spray my plants at least once a day and the water is consumed so that is good.

I used a indoor gardening material to make my tent . I think I need to get some reflective panel.

What do you think? Should I buy some reflector film.

Also since I just transplanted Into new soul I’m thinking of waiting for nutes for another 1-2 weeks.

Opinions? Go!!!

@Gremmall @LoCoRock
Tag some people if you think they can help. Please

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Thanks man I’ll be posting questions when I do have them on here

What soil are you in…don’t need nutes for another month if it’s FFOF…they are growing fine… reflective (panda film) is always nice but ask the guys with tents what to do with that it may be a pain in a tent. Atleast it’s white👍


It is indeed fox farm ocean forest. I went and bought the film today it’s a prettty decent roll so I’ll just experiment and tape it up in my tent half way ish the. I can see if I get anymore light out of it .

Then next time around when I build an upgraded tent I will adjust . This grow tent is a little ghetto but hey where I come frome some pvc, duct tape you can make anything . Add some reflective covering and bam… Oregon’s finest ghetto tent!

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