First time grow long time toker - Northern Lights Auto

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to the forum and here with my first grow. I’m growing Northern Lights by Growers Choice.

I’ll begin by saying the last time I germinated a seed I was in elementary school. Which is why out of 5 seeds 2 have germinated with one growing successfully.

I did little to no research except for the fact that I knew growers choice was a legitimate site, aside from that I was so blazed when I ordered these that I was literally surprised when I realized I really ordered them and they actually arrived.

After ordering the rest of what I needed through amazon and a few (some colorfully edited with great music) ~ 12 minute videos I felt ready to germinate. With an arsenal of tools to make this grow successful on the way I dropped 3 of my seedlings into water placed the glass in my closet and got this show on the road. I checked back a few hours later and one was left floating i gave it a nudge with a pen and it made its way to the bottom. Back in the closet they went until 24 hours had passed. All three had cracked with one showing a longer tap root than the others.

Great, I thought… 100% success I moved them to a paper towel, watered it and placed the paper towel in a plastic bag. 24 hours later one had a tap root long enough to be planted it was clear the other two needed additional time. Unfortunately the two in the paper towel never grew more and the one with a good tap root grew but seems stunted now.

With two seeds left armed with my iPad I watch more videos I placed the two seeds in a prescription bottle with the inside wrapped with sandpaper I swirled them inside for about a minute or two and then followed the above steps this time placing the zip lock bag in my shed where it’s dark, hot and humid. With all this one seed germinated and is now 6 days old.

I’ll take what I can get considering I’m a “noob” or novice. I’ve also ordered 3 more Gorilla Autos a few days ago and I’m waiting for them to ship. With fall coming in here in the North East I figured I’d have one last attempt before winter sets in and it becomes to difficult to control the temperature in the shed. So for the Gorillas armed with more research I’ll be armed to the teeth to ensure that they germinate successfully, I’ll include the method I’ll be using when I eventually receive them. While I realize things are a mess everywhere especially in Cali where growers choice mails from I’m surprised at the length of time it takes them to ship but back to my one Northern Light…

Measuring at a whopping 2 inches tall and 1.25" wide Rocky is hanging on and doing well under a generic 600 Watt LED grow light. I know what your thinking GroBro you seem to be winging it. I am winging it but growing more intelligent by the day.

Included is a pic of Rocky. I’ll continue to update this thread with my results as I progress… I’ll post a pic of the nutrients I’m using as well. Below is an image of Rocky Day 6 with a guard standing by.

I’m glad to have bumped into some seasoned growers and newbies like myself and look forward to learning more as we go along. This is gunna be fun!

Thanks for reading


Welcome to ILGM forum. Set to watch.

Welcome mate , if you have any questions throw some @ s at some regulars and you’ll probably get an answer , and best of luck on the grow

Welcome to the forum. I’m gonna tag along, that is, if you don’t mind :v:


Thanks everyone I will definitely ask questions as needed and if any season vets have any suggestions or see something with my grow that seems off please let me know. Thanks all.

I ordered some microbs from Amazon Dyna… something to mix in with my medium that’s supposed to be very healthy for root growth. It’s arriving today I’ll try to mix very little at the top of my medium today and I plan on transplanting to a 3 gallon pot. I understand it’s best to plant autos in their final resting pot but tried it this way.

Honestly I wasn’t 100% confident I’d get even one seed to germinate and said to myself if this grow doesn’t work out then maybe I’d cut my losses at that point. But that didn’t happen and we are here now with little Rocky and his cousins Gorilla Glue on the way when Growers Choice eventually gets off their ass and ships my seeds.

There’s so many things to try, I wish I had stumbled upon this journey earlier in the year / spring - summer season but I plan on going for as long as my shed holds up heat wise. This is 2020 nothing would surprise me anymore, not aliens landing or summer in the winter time in NY for some reason.

Anyway, it will be exciting to try different things, with different plants and see what works best and when.

Rocky - Day 7

Ahh crap the pic is on my phone and for some reason hasn’t made it to the cloud and I’m typing this on my iPad. Rocky - Day 7 pic to follow lol

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Rocky - Day 7 - She’s Hangin Tough

If I could play music :notes: with the pics I’d choose; isn’t she lovely by Stevie Wonder.

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Yes! Have you tried it yet and if so how were the results?

If this is something commonly known I apologize in advance. I’m very new to plants in general.

Judging by the buds behind the product and the plants I’d say it’s working out very well.

First run, product made in Israel. Highly recommended. All of the plants that I’ve checked the roots on are amazing. It has made a difference this grow cycle. A guy in Canada had been growing for YEARS in super soil, who has more experience than I do, also highly recommends it. He said he would buy a truck load if they sold it that way. Lol.

I can tag you in my journal if you’d like.


Sorry for the delay it wouldn’t let me post said i had reached a max.

Awesome, glad to hear your happy with it.

Tag me.

Do you also know about another product called Recharge are these two products similar or completely different?

I haven’t read up on what either product does but plan on doing so later today I’ve dropped the Dynomyco in and Rocky seems happy I was worried about disturbing the roots but all is good so far.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Update I will be returning my cheap Amazon light and ordered a Spider Farm 1000 watt light instead I figured let’s give this the best shot we can. Also remembering that I have GG seeds on the way if and when growerschoice mails my seeds.

Let’s do this!

Rocky today under light.


I welcome anyone’s thoughts on the Spider Farm lights. Thanks!

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They’re just slightly more efficient more expensive slightly less par value versions of mars hydro but they have infra red

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i have to tag along you are a riot. welcome


is that the one that is 179$ on sale since 2018?

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i have that one. i like it.

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My 1st seedling was nl and looked much like that.

Held for root porn.

It was short bus slow it’s whole life.


Thanks @pptrsha1 and yes, that’s it that’s what it costs about $159. It’s a step up from my 59.99 600 watt Generic light. It’s gonna be some fun. I’m going to step up my germination process for the GG. Looking forward to the new light it should be here on Thursday.

I have to see if Recharge and Dynomyco interfere with each other or are similar to one and other. That’s the last thing I grab before picking up what I need to supercharge germinate the GG’s.

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