First time grow (little over read)

Hey everyone first post many read.
I’ve been gathering bag seed for so long with the intention of sprouting it with big hopes and dreams to only be lost when looked for or to be over grown and dead in the napkin from neglect …life… you know how it goes…m but I’ve dropped a few habits and picked up this freaking amazing hobby which I hope to be financially supplemental since I smoke a shit load of weed and it’s not legal rec. Here in fla. Any way I got some purple haze bag seed females (5 pretty girls left) 2 gsc bag seed females left 1 purchased white widow seed from a friend and a few random could be Bruce banner , head band Bubba , dolato (hoped so). Any way with a lot of reading about way advanced shit for my low budget ass thinking about wrong stages putting horse before carriage and then beating the horse up and the starving it and drowning it and several transplant hard head mistakes later with a little advice from local hydro store and the knowledge I’ve aquire and made use of along the line I was aware of a lot of problems and ready to countermeasure a lot of things before anything got crazy… beside stunting the shit out of em in beginign from highly basic dirt to transplanting into still slightly basic dirt to novice acidic dirt mistake to finally finding out about fox farm ocean forest and grow big I finally got these girls to snap back and become thriving beuttiful plants.with the original dirt I’m planning to FIM from the begining. But with pH way off I’m reading and 3 to 5 nodes on a severely off pH stunted seedling does not correlate properly through the text … my girls were so distressed and I didn’t know being first time paying attention… over water on top of pH they had no chsnce i cut seedling that were so distressed now i know im surprised they lived.after I saved em with some cfls and tlc. I nursed em up and got some good lookin babes. Any way I thought get this is a learning experience… let’s keep experimenting now I’m into super cropping which this being farther down the line and the mistakes being recognized I have payed close attention to where and when and what the objective is and I figured hey my grow has gotta do something with all this effort and time I put in. So I found supercropping is really only way to optimize my little 2 × 6.5 ft fake wall I put up I got a 400 hps and a 175 full mh. And a 150 hps so my light is pretty even since room is rectangular I needed to daisy chain lights to have proper PAR. On the plants and not neglecting outsides … they still look for the 400 from under the 175 150 combo a little not bad there not leaning or nothing . But yea I was just sitting in my room typing this and was getting ready to wrap it up so I could get some pictures in but my lights just went off so I’m a have to add those in tomarrow a.m. but yea I think things are gonna turn out really well I have great knuckles forming every where 2 plants that were stretching rediculesly I topped to try and keep this canopy even but the way this gsc x? Is growing to catch up for the missing top I’m gonna have to tie these 6 under branches down because these reaching up crazy amounts a a day let alone a week. But on all plants I have 5 to 10 main tops out of the canopy and this week I’m flipping em so they will be full updates for this first time growers over read attempt at a supercropped

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Hey bro post a few pictures so we can see what uour working with
Sounds good happy Growing