First time grow leaves funky

Why are my leaves downward?

Is that plain coco coir? Looks hungry and over watered to me. Could just be really hungry if not getting any nutes. When I grow in coco after they have been above soil for 1 week I start seeing the first leaves yellowing I feed with a very very light nute solution.

Yes it is. I have fed it. And watering once a day with a sprayer

Feeds probably fine wait for someone else to chime in I’ve only grown pure coco and perlite once made it through everything went great for me until the very end haha. but my guess is she may be slightly over watered hard to do in coco when the plants bigger but since it’s a seedling ide imagine that’s the issue

How much do you think i should be watering?

Im hoping she recovers

Heres my other plant started the same day.

The other plant looks fantastic! Has more to do with how frequently you water versus how much you water with the struggling plant if it was me I would dome it unless your humidity is good and only water every other day and see what happens. I was told when I started coco that you never want the coco to dry out which is very true when you have a a bigger pot and bigger root system but seedlings will still damp off even in coco if over watered

So a watering schedule would be a good idea. I usually water once a morning

For a plant this size no more than 5 to 10 ml per watering.

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