First time grow leaf problems

Outdoor plant in ground soil in regular garden with tomatoes which have died out. Good soil use no fertilizer. No idea what kind of seed was given to me by friends. Get all summer and reached over 8 foot tall, absolutely beautiful plant. Was topped a couple times early then just went crazy about 6 to 7 ft across. Had a wind storm and it blew it over at 45 degree angle. Stalk at ground level is bigger than a softball. Started flowing out about 3 weeks ago. Seems to have some kind of leaf issue. First grow and only gets rainwater or water from sprinkler from a spring fed creek only a couple times


Being that it is flowering and towards the end of its life,the plant will start to use nutrients from the fan leaves in order to produce buds. It essentially canabalizes itself in order to make sure it reproduces. It looks great and I’m a couple weeks your going to be a happy camper.

In case you didn’t know, most outdoor plants are done by mid October.

Looks like spider mites to me. Are there little white bugs or webs on the under side of leaves? You may have to look close. They’re really small. Kill em with dish soap and water in a spray bottle. I’ll tag others in case I’m wrong.
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Ift does lik like a spider mite. Do you see any webbing?

No webbing visible

If you’ve checked a number of leaves and nothing then I’m at a loss but that’s not saying much…
Maybe @hangthebanksters knows. He grows outside

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Could it be Cal/ Mag deficiencies by chance because it went into flower/budding. Mainly just big older sugar leaves affected by the yellowish color and spots.

It’s a really big plant has a couple of inch long worms, small white moth looking bugs and grasshopper would food grade DE powder help on pest?

Hard to tell from the photo. Outdoors we have all kinds of pest pressures. I wouldnt doubt there are aphids, whiteflys, spider mites, scale and thrips all present to some extent. Would need a 30X close up of both sides of the leaves. Either way I would NOT dust the plants with DE at this point. I would apply a foliar peroxide mixture concentrating on the underside of the leaves if anything at all. They sound like their pretty hardy and have defended themselves up to this point. Just ride it out…


@Nine…only gets rainwater or water from sprinkler from a spring fed creek only a couple times . I wouldn’t use a sprinkler when it’s in flower . Too much moisture on the buds could cause mold and bud rot . It looks hungry !.. It is a big beauty .