First time grow just completed


This is my first time growing a plant. I grew her in organic soil and with organic amendments USDA and OMRI listed. She was grown in a plastic 5-gallon bucket with hundreds of holes drilled into it on the sides and the bottom. The pictures below is what I ended up with after harvest. I was wondering if this was something i can expect with the majority of my grow?


Excellent! Great job.


Thank you, out of my nine colas 4 did this and the others are just over half that size


@Apolexx very nice job looks great


great job man, organic all the way


Exactly I prefer it over hydroponics and aquarium grow systems. The smell and flavor I get from organic soil is amazing and the potency while less then hydro still has a real good kick. Though when hydro establishes it’s organic niche I will probably switch to hydro. So Mountainman1, there is a local strain where I am from and it is pretty potent they call it Mountain Rhino (Greenstraw, Yellowstraw, Orangestraw).