First time Grow & Journal - Durban Poison, Northern Lights


Hey Doob- A cool mist humidifier is good for at least a degree or two. My diy one is cool mist in summers and warm mist in winter. The water in the bucket being cooled as result of ambient temp from house ac, or a fish tank heater in winter.


Thanks I didn’t realize that would cool it some but that actually makes sense.


Day 7

Because I’m an idiot and can’t math, apparently, had to keep them in the silo cups last night due to not enough soil for the pots. Hoping the roots haven’t grown out too much, but I’ll be swinging by the store to get more soil today.

Temp when I left the tent was 77 and 58% humidity (weather dropped temps outside considerably)…I repositioned my fans, and put a bowl of water in the tent for now to hopefully aid in keeping humidity up.

I didn’t have the plants in the tent last night because my SO had friends over and I didn’t get time to mess with the setup. So, I took a much smaller plant bulb (100w equiv), and placed it fairly close to the plants - approximately 8”.

They both look good, but having not been under a very powerful light, didn’t have much growth from yesterday to today. I’ll probably post some pictures in a couple days to show a more prominent stage of growth


Day 9

Welp, bad news. I’m not going to be able to grow both at the same time. Will probably be a month or so before I can consider a bigger area. I pulled the plug on the NL because I had more seeds than of the Durban :disappointed:

However, weather outside has helped my tent problem a bit. It sits around 80 degrees with 40% humidity now. I expected a little more growth at this point, honestly, but we’ll see what another day under the lights will give us.

These were taken this morning

I’ve added more water since the picture was taken btw